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In our ongoing series, our FinTECHTalents FinTech of the week is Credit Kudos, a credit reference agency that helps lenders make better and faster credit decisions using Open Banking data. Freddy Kelly, CEO of Credit Kudos discusses how they are better than traditional credit bureaus, how Open Banking underpins their banking model, how they build
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Lisa Moyle, women in tech
Our very own Lisa Moyle sat down with Espree Devora at the Women in Tech podcast after speaking at the FinTech Inn event in Lithuania last year. “Empathy comes from experience and if you’ve had the story book smooth ride, it’s really hard to develop that empathy. So, if you have experienced bumps, you have
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FinTech of the Week is Aire

In our ongoing series, our FinTECHTalents FinTech of the week is Aire, a credit insight service on a mission to make credit equitable for everyone. Providing a range of credit risk and affordability insights, Aire drives fairer decision-making across the customer lifecycle for lenders. Andy Moffat, Business Development Director at Aire, discusses the inherent issues
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Pam Bateson, CEO and Founder of Thrive Partners discusses the new ecosystem of what the world of work is, how to prepare for and ‘be brave’ for the job search and how to ‘stand out’ as a recent graduate looking for work. “85 percent of people in work are disengaged because they’re too stressed, they’re
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I was working in New York in the mid-1990s when our boss brought a TV into the office and set it up on a bookshelf. We all gathered round and tuned into the news. About 20 minutes later O.J. Simpson was found not guilty of the murder of his ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ron
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Ammar Akhtar - fintech talent

FinTech of the Week is Yobota

In our ongoing series, our FinTECHTalents FinTech of the week is Yobota, which provides a platform to enable financial institutions to create and run innovative financial products much faster than other core banking solutions on the market. In a special two part interview, Founder and CEO, Ammar Akhtar talks about core banking, working with incumbent
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BankiFi’s Founding partner Conny Dorrestijn discusses Open Banking and how the entire FinTech ecosystem – banks, new FinTech entrants – can work together to support consumers and SMEs alike. “Two years ago we were all very excited about banks being very cool and having these brilliant app stores where you could shop for everything,” says
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Dr. Malgorzata Sulimierska, Senior Lecturer in Banking and FinTech (Accounting and Finance) discusses how the talent of the future (students) are exploring and researching the evolving technologies and innovative practices shaping the financial services industry today. Dr. Sulimierska also discusses the new ‘FinTech’ programme at the University, which was launched last year. “When I was
As we move towards a period of uncertainty where the most basic of human instincts, connecting face-to-face to learn and explore collaboration may be curtailed for a number of weeks or even months. Large scale events, such as the Mobile World Congress and SXSW, have been put on hold, which has caused a certain amount

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