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Our latest Vox Pop report couldn’t be better timed: The fintech playbook: Navigating uncertainty, explores how growing fintechs view the road ahead. Along with our partners at SAP and SAP Fioneer, we spoke with exciting growth-stage companies, including Stripe, OakNorth, The Bank of London, Caxton and Maple to gather their views and share their stories
From unlocking the secrets of creator monetization and uncovering the novel technologies that are spearheading the payments revolution, to unpacking the democratization of access to wealth management, the Embedded Finance stage at the 4th Fintech Talents Festival left no financial stone unturned.  With discussions led by HSBC, Goldman Sachs, eBay, OnlyFans, Mastercard, Uber and more,
Kate’s Meal Appeal  – you can still donate    Kate’s Meal Appeal, the latest fundraiser from Comms for Good, launches at FTT with a bang, raising over £2000 and kicking off a year-long campaign to support charities that tackle food waste and feed our communities.   Kate’s Meal Appeal enjoyed a spectacular launch at the Fintech
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The fintech playbook: Navigating uncertainty
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account access voice and face
No one likes passwords. An average person has more than 100 passwords to manage, often making it difficult and frustrating to complete even the simplest online transactions. Enter MiPass from Mitek, a passwordless identity authentication solution that makes digital account access effortless and secure for customers, using two features that are uniquely theirs: voice and face.
Web 3
On 12th July our community came together for the launch of FTT DeFi, the one-day show where we explored the key opportunities and challenges in decentralised finance, digital assets, the metaverse and Web 3. During the day, we sat down with Lena Rantsevich, Co-Founder of Your.Justice.Life, a platform for decentralised justice. Users can create their own jurisdictions
digital identity data privacy
Driven by the pandemic forcing many conventional services online, the seemingly unstoppable shift to digital services is continuing across the world. Citizens and consumers can benefit greatly from the ability to immediately access a range of essential services through a trusted digital ID. But it’s increasingly clear that data privacy considerations need to be placed

The Digitisation of Mortgages

Innovation has been the hallmark of the banking industry in recent years. From the rise of challenger banks that offer high-levels of customer experience to the growth of banking-as-a-service and advanced forms of customer authentication such as biometrics; there seems to be no stopping the wave of innovative products, solutions and services on offer in
Customer loyalty rewards programs have become a best practice for retailers and service providers of all kinds and have been since American Airlines introduced the first frequent flier program in 1981. Rewards programs drive business and customer value in addition to encouraging engagement, spending and advocacy. The maximization of these services has truly taken on
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