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Italian banking body, CBI, takes to the FinTECHTalents stage to outline CBI Globe – it’s newly launched Global Open Banking Ecosystem. CBI has been serving the Italian payments market for 20 years – what brings you to FinTECHTalents? The Italian banks, like most continental retail banks, are facing different challenges related to improved profitability, fulfilling
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Show me the (tokenised) money

I was listening to a panel about Security Tokens last week and couldn’t avoid thinking that I somehow time-travelled to 2029, scratching my head in an attempt to remember what Michael J Fox did to go back in time… While some of the content was deep, it generally felt like a(nother) missed opportunity to talk
FCA-authorised credit bureau, Credit Kudos, believes traditional credit scoring is broken. Here they tell us how to fix it. What is Credit Kudos? Fairer Credit For All. Credit Kudos is an FCA-authorised credit bureau and Open Banking Account Information Service Provider (AISP) that uses financial behaviour to measure creditworthiness. Through direct connections to the UK’s largest
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At the launch of FinTECHTalents in 2018 – AccountScore were the first on the stage telling a story about providing clients with access to bank transaction data through Open Banking and delivering cutting-edge transaction analytics to drive value. The London Based company will kick off the FinTech Stories Stage again for FinTECHTalents 2019. We caught
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I hung out with our FinTECHTalents partners, FinTech Finance at this year’s London Sibos event where I sat down with several people to chat about FinTech and innovation over the past 10 years and what we can expect from the future. Here I chat with FinTech super star Brett King about: How has the FinTech
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Financial crime prevention provider, Quantexa makes sure they always look to the bigger picture in order to correctly assess the level of risk. Who is Quantexa – what problem are you solving?  Ultimately, we are focussed on helping Financial Institutions to better detect Financial Crime & Fraud; whilst also empowering our customers to make better decisions around
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While AML-focused FinTech, Sedicii wear their passion on their sleeve for everyone to see, their identity and security solutions tackle issues such as money laundering without exposure to any private customer data. What is Sedicii – what problem are you solving? We provide real-time verification of identity and real time collaborative monitoring for AML with a strong
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FinTech challenger brand, Dozens hopes to offer products designed to help people reach their financial goals, whatever they may be, because every journey is different – even if that journey starts at “the worst high street in Britain”. What is Dozens – what problem are you solving? Dozens is a new FinTech that offers a
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This time last year at FinTECHTalents, while I was hosting a pop-up photography exhibition for MQ Mental Health, I had one of my big ideas. Some of you will remember it as I did my usual thing when I get an idea and bounced around like Tigger telling anyone who would listen. Now, one year

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