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14th October, 2020 10:00AM (GMT+1)

Discover FinTECHTalents Virtual Nordics, a Virtual-First Festival for those who dream, build and do in the Nordics, as well as those who have yet to discover the lessons learned, stories told and successes of the region.

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Financial Institutions


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Scaleups & Startups

Innovation at work

Whether it's payments, identity or collaboration – Nordic players know innovation doesn’t live on a deck, it changes business, supports society and responds to customers.  


Ripe for Investment 

15% of all European scaleups are located in the Nordics – the smart money that looks for sustainable business, progressive products and attractive ROI looks towards Northern Europe

Impact on Society

FinTech as a force for good, inclusion and the true meaning of democratization of finance 


Big Question Stage

Watch FinTech leaders from around the world debate and discuss FinTech innovation and the Nordics place in the ecosystem 


Drill Down Sessions 

Live, interactive and engaging – from Industry Insights, Post-Game Analysis to Partner Roundtables our Interactive Sessions offer a place to learn and share with your fellow FinTech peers from all over the world.  


Clinics that Deliver 

Why guess, when you can book 1-1s or small group meetings with our banks, financial institutions, FinTech players and tech providers to find out their specific needs, challenges and wants. What’s your ask? Our clinics will deliver – pre, post or during the Festival  


Kathy Chang
Senior Strategic Partnership Manager
Søren Rode Andreasen
Chief Digital Officer
Danske Bank
Vesa Riihimäki
Head of Startup & Growth Business
Nordea Finland
Rune Mai
Nordic API Gateway


In 1984, Olof Stenhammar founded Swedish derivatives exchange OM in 1984 and in doing so became a global pioneer in electronic tradingIs Nordic innovation still defined by the launch of OM? How influential has the initial team been within FinTech over the past 35 years? To understand the current state of Nordic FinTech – do we need to re-examine the Class of 1984? 

  • The Nordic, Scandanavian and even Baltics states have had much success with national identity schemes. How does it compare to the rest of the world? Will the Asian model dominate? How will ‘Big Tech’ play a role globally? How will culture and politics impact identity innovation and progress? 

Conventional wisdom regarding disruptive companies in the Nordic region will throw up tech giants like Skype, Spotify and even Rovio (home of Angry Birds). Others point to innovation in payments, with countries like Sweden publicly moving towards a cashless society, and names like iZettle, Klarna and Holvi are almost the elder statement of the FinTech ecosystem.  

However, if you dig deeper into twitter chats, blog posts and Zoom conversations a different FinTech reality emerges – one of incumbent bank complacency, an aversion to partnerships and lack of capital and support for startups 

What is the reality? Is the Nordic region more open to innovation, is it a myth told through sycophantic press articles or is the Northern European financial services industry no more immune to the swings and roundabouts of any traditional industry dealing with disruptive technology and upstart new entrants?  

Our Nordics Leaders gather to answer the question – Is Nordic Innovation a Myth? 


  • Kathy Chang, Head of Fintech Partnerships, Payments & Innovation, DNB 
  • Søren Rode Jain Andreasen. Chief Digital Officer at Danske Bank 

One of the major pillars of an affective FinTech Hub is access to capital for new companies. Is capital hard to find in the Nordic region? Where can it be found now and what can be done to improve support and funding for startups? 

  • Vesa Riihimäki, Head of Startup & Growth Business, Nordea Finland 

Once completed, P27 will provide a single payments infrastructure for almost 27 million people living in the Nordics region. The project is ambitious, wide in scope and involves the banks and payments ecosystem of Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. What has been the journey so far, what else needs to be done and how will this pan-Nordic payment platform pave the way for additional innovation in the region? 

Open Banking initiatives are rife throughout Europe and the Nordics are no exception. While banksPSPs and new entrants focus on open APIsmarketplaces and data – is anyone in the industry really looking at the needs of the consumer?  Is the true promise of Open Banking yet to come?  

How does the Nordic region understand financial health? How can prosperity be enabled? Does the move towards a cashless society hinder of enable these efforts? Which Nordic FinTech entrants address the un and under-banked customers? 


Joerg Guenther
Global Head of Security Services Technology
Søren Rode Andreasen
Danske Bank
Diana Biggs
Global Head of Innovation
Ceri Godwin
Director, Growth & Advisory - EmTech
Santander UK
Louise Smith
Chief Digital Officer
Lloyds Insurance Market
Reza Khorshidi
Chief Scientist
Pol Navarro
Chief Digital Officer
Annerie Vreugdenhil
Chief Innovation Officer
Chris Worle
Chief Digital Officer
Hargreaves Lansdown
Ainhoa Campo Nieto
Global Head of Open Innovation



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