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FTT SME Banking

26th September 2023 | London

Fuelling growth for SMEs

SMEs are the prime driving force of economic growth around the world. Given the importance of these firms not just for growth, but the employment, incomes and wellbeing of a large chunk of the world’s population, it is not overstating the case to note that banks must get it right for these businesses.

Yet, that is often not the case. Many banks struggle to cater to SMEs unique requirements and profile.

FTT SME Banking will bring together a community of providers who, with the right tools and knowledge, are well positioned to better fuel this engine of growth. When banks get it right for SMEs, everyone benefits.

Join us for this bespoke half day event to uncover how to win the business and loyalty of SME customers through superior outcomes.

Please note that attendance is by application only.

Fintech Talents

1 in 5

SMEs can't access sufficient credit


of UK employment from SMEs


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SME funding gap

Key themes

to financial services

SMEs have unique sets of requirements and don’t often fit into a standard profile. How can financial institutions leverage technology so that SMEs have better access to the banking services they need to survive and grow? Does greater personalisation hold the key to better access and, crucially, how can that be achieved.


How does embedded finance enable unique opportunities to reach SMEs and provide them with the right financial products, just when they are needed. Understand the evolving ecosystem of providers, partners and ancillary services that can add tangible value to SMEs. How do banks effectively leverage embedded finance to better bank SMEs.

Reinventing the digital
experience for SMEs

Understand the tools and technologies that can equip banks to meet the diverse needs of SMEs. In an environment where access and speed are crucial to the resilience of these businesses, how can lending products that deliver on those needs be created?

2023 agenda

Charlie Onions, Product & Content Manager, VC Innovations

Teo Blidarus, CEO & Co-founder, FintechOS

Personalisation is key to succeeding in the SME segment. Our panellists will explore the main challenges faced by banks in providing personalised products and services effectively and at speed to SME customers. This includes a focus on the role that new technologies can play.

Paula Costea, VP Product Management, FintechOS
Lucile Flamand, Chief Strategic Development Officer, Bibby Financial Services
Benjamin Dellal, Director of SME Lending, Metro Bank UK
Moderator: Sophia Furber, Research Analyst, EMEA Fintech, S&P Global Market Intelligence

Understand how lending products can be delivered at speed and in a structure that best meets the needs of SMEs through a reinvented digital experience.  Explore the data ecosystem and how leveraging new sources of data can enhance decisioning and servicing.

Andrei Gaman, SVP Commercial, FintechOS
Stuart Doignie, Managing Director – Digital SME Lending, Shawbrook Bank
Kristjan Kaar, Chief Product Officer, OakNorth Bank
Lucy Hasson, COO, SilverRock Financial Services
Moderator: Brendan Gilmore, Managing Director, BPG Strategy 

The provision and access to SME banking products and services is evolving. Explore the opportunity embedded channels offer to more effectively reach SMEs with the right products built around their needs just when they need them.

Sergiu Negut, Chief Strategy Officer & Co-founder
Shehan Silva, Head of Digital Solutions, Global Trade and Receivables Finance, HSBC
Chirag Shah, Founder & CEO, Nucleus Commercial Finance
Moderator: Tom Bull, Partner – UK Head of FinTech Growth, EY

Charlie Onions, Product & Content Manager, VC Innovations

2023 speakers

Teo Blidarus
CEO & Co-founder
Lucile Flamand
Chief Strategic Development Officer
Bibby Financial Services
Ylva Oertengren
Chief Operating Officer
Simply Asset Finance
Sergiu Negut
Chief Strategy Officer & Co-founder
Benjamin Dellal
Director of SME Lending
Metro Bank
Paula Costea
VP Product Management
Brendan Gilmore
Managing Director
BPG Strategy
Andrei Gaman
SVP Commercial
Shehan Silva
Head of Digital Solutions, Global Trade and Receivables Finance
Stuart Doignie
Managing Director - Digital SME Lending
Shawbrook Bank
Sophia Furber
Research Analyst, EMEA Fintech
S&P Global Market Intelligence
Tom Bull
Partner - UK Head of FinTech Growth
Chirag Shah
Founder & CEO
Nucleus Commercial Finance
Lucy Hasson
SilverRock Financial Services
Kristjan Kaar
Chief Product Officer
OakNorth Bank
Lisa Moyle
Chief Strategy Officer
VC Innovations

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