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FTT DeFi 2023

July, 2023,


FTT DeFi will bring together the community of 700+ innovators and creators who are challenging the established thinking, and the establishment, when it comes to the future of financial services and beyond.

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Lending Summit London


What are the economic and political drivers that lay behind the use of blockchain technologies? Is this about more sustainable or competitive economic and business models or are there other societal goals at play? What will be the impact on broader ESG goals? Expect lively debates and discussions of the key issues of the day.

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Focus on the how and the why of the DeFi infrastructure. Ethereum, Avalanche, Solana and Cardano and beyond – come away with an understanding of the provider universe. Will the architecture of the future be built on blockchains and, if so, when will the shift happen?


Crytocurrencies/ assets have moved well beyond the ‘simpler’ times of bitcoin. Get to grips with the fast pace of change in the crypto ecosystem. Are digital currencies the necessary means of exchange for a world built on distributed ledgers? CDBCs, stablecoins, NFTs and other digital assets – are consumers and businesses ready to rely on and transact with new stores of value?


With great power, comes great responsibility. We will explore how consumers are protected, access to financial services is impacted, and regulatory frameworks adapted to keep pace with a changing world.


How will this new world of decentralised technology impact the ways in which we transact, save, borrow and invest for the future? What are the exciting use cases emerging and already in play? How will this effect both incumbent providers and innovative players and how should the industry players strategically respond to change?


Beyond the confines of the financial services industry, are we witnessing the creation of the internet the world deserves? What does web3 mean and, just as important, how might it better serve the needs of people, businesses, and society? Will financial services be embedded in a multitude of self-regulating metaverses? Big topics, with lofty goals that merit deep dives and meaningful discussion.

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Prepare to have your assumptions tested

Discover new ways in which financial products and services are built and delivered. Understand how those new foundations can challenge established business models and relationships. Debate and discuss the need to re-think how stakeholders engage in the industry and how those activities are managed and regulated to drive better outcomes across the economy. 

Whether you are an expert looking for thought-provoking conversations or on a mission to bring yourself up to speed on the latest innovations, FTT DeFi will cover the broad spectrum of knowledge, interests and issues that need to be addressed. Go fearless and informed into the future of the industry.

Speakers 2022

Pankhuri Bansal
Blockchain & IoT Expert
United Nations
Genevieve Leveille
Principal Founder and CEO
Ankush Jain
Chief Investment Officer and Co-Founder
Aaro Capital
Raul Arribas
Chief Technology Officer
Jehangir Byramji
Emerging Technology & Innovation, Chief Technology Office
Lloyds Banking Group
Caroline Hughes
Co-Founder & CEO
Emanuele Colonnella
Innovation Activation Manager
Tim Šabanov
Zumo Enterprise
Elizabeth Rossiello
CEO & Founder
Dharmesh Mistry
Chief Executive Officer
Mark Hipperson
Founder & CEO
Lena Rantsevich
Matthew Gardiner
Daniel Belda
Head of Product Strategy
Sohail Raja
Head of Electronic Execution Platforms and UK Chief Digital Officer
Societe Generale
David Palmer
Blockchain Lead Vodafone Business IoT
Benedikt Goetz
General Manager, UK & Europe
Metal Pay
Elliot Hentov
Head of Macro Policy Research
State Street
Jannah Patchay
Policy Lead and Originating Member
Digital Pound Foundation
Eddie Robb
Commercial Director
Zumo Enterprise
Shahar Zohar
Product Manager, DeFi and Web3
Alex Reddish
Managing Director
Tribe Payments
Manuela Sedvartaite
Innovation Manager
Banco Santander
Gilad Amir
Digital Operating Partner
Pollen Street Capital
Diederik van Wersch
Head of Mid-Market Sales EMEA
Bullish Dumpling
Cardano KOL/Influencer/Crypto Show Host
Anuj Khanna
Michael Messele
The Pillar Project
Adriana Ennab
Director of Public Policy
Credit Suisse
Jamie Allsop
Liz Lumley
Deputy Editor
The Banker
Brendan Gilmore
Managing Director
BPG Strategy
Lewis Lane
Innovation Scout
NatWest Group
Brian Gray
Chief Executive Officer
Financial Markets Law Committee
Bernhard Küffer
Financial Affairs Attache
UK Swiss Embassy
Richard Maton
Aperio Strategy
Gary Clarke
CIO and Co-Founder
Old Street Digital
Tarun Sachdeva
Chief Strategy Officer
Kam Dylan
K Dylan & Company
François-Julien Alcaraz
Amit Singh Rathore
Founder & CEO
Football Fan
Sean Kiernan
Chief Executive Officer
Alejandro Gutierrez
CEO / Co-Founder
Adam Bialy
Co-founder and CEO
Fiat Republic
Anna Porra
European Strategy Director
Nick Holt
Senior Director, Solutions Engineering
Joanna Jenkins
Head of Compliance - Crypto and Fintech
Paul Ridley
CEO and Co-Founder
Old Street Digital
Antoine Loth
CEO & Co-Founder
Eleftherios Jerry Floros
CEO & Founder / Fintech Expert & Author
Elysian Impact Investing / Rethink Your Digital Future
Elisa Giudici
Impact Investing in Tech
Philipp Pieper
Isaac Robertson-Jonas
Senior Product Manager
John Salmon
DeFi Working Group Chair
GBBC Digital Finance
Lodewijk van Setten
General Counsel
Melvyn Jones
Managing Director, Global Head of Corporate Development & Communications
Philippe Ho
Vice President
Catheon Gaming
Stephen Kenny
Institutional Business Manager
Ana Maria Jipa
Co-Founder & CEO
Jay Bothra
Lead Development Specialist
Shelley Schachter-Cahm
Chief Compliance Officer
Kash Amani
Vikas Raj
Managing Partner
Lavan Thasarathakumar
Government and Regulatory Affairs Director, EMEA
GBBC Digital Finance
Ash Bhatia
Shipyard Innovation
Pavel Matveev
Denis Seleznev
Nanda Khiara
Art Gallery Owner / Artist
Greg Włodarczyk
Managing Director Fintrail
FinTech FinCrime Exchange
Rajeeb Gurung
Fintech Reporter
Ijeoma Okoli
Founding Member
Impact X Capital Partners LLP
Chhay Lin Lim
Co-Founder / Lecturer
Serey / Saxion University of Applied Sciences
Pavir Patel
Chief of Staff
Bitpanda Pro
Sophia Shluger
Managing Director for Europe
Amber Group
Manu Choudhary
DeFinity Markets
Michael Clark
VP – Global CTO
Mastercard Data & Services
Oonagh van den Berg
Chief Platform Officer
Shaun O’Keefe
Marketing Lead
Fiat Republic
Paul Munson
Head of Compliance & MLRO
James Fick
Chief Commercial Officer & Co-Founder
Flavia Kenyon
Chief Legal Counsel
Cyber Security Global Alliance
Manish Garg
Founder and CEO
Lauren Ingram
Women of Web3
Nicky Hickman
Industry Advisor, Blockchain & Digital Identity Lab
University of Jyväskylä
Dave Burrells
Chief Operating Officer
Pluto Digital
Chris Park
Susana Esteban
Founding Member
Oxford Blockchain Foundation
Daniel Baeriswyl
Founder, CEO
Science Card
Shiv Aggarwal
CEO, EarthId and Regional Director - EMEA
Government Blockchain Association
Jamie McNaught
Founder and CEO
Eloise Marchesoni
Cryptocurrency Contributing Writer
Crypto Daily
Jacob George
Head of Product
Founders Factory
Katia Banina
Head of Product
Steve Pannifer
Managing Director
Consult Hyperion
Michael Stroev
COO & Head of Product
Benjamin Yablon
SALT Lending
David Pollington
Head of Research
Bloc Ventures
Lola Okuyiga
Ani Alexander
Blockchain Marketing Consultant / NFT artist / Host
NFT Rebels podcast
Anthony Calpas
Founder and Managing Partner
Karukera Capital
Olivier Relandeau
Chief Information Officer
Kate Rhodes
Senior Legal Counsel
Paysafe Group
Anastasia Kinsky
Head of Programmes & Content
GBBC Digital Finance
Gerald Chappell
CEO and Co-Founder
Raki Rice-Brown
Omnia DeFi
Simon Horner
GBBC Digital Finance Advisory Council Member
Oliver Oram

Agenda 2022

Infrastructure stage

In this session, we learn the basic principles of blockchain, the major protocols and their uses, layer 1 and layer 2 chains, and how blockchain can be implemented to optimise banking products and services for the customer’s benefit.

  • Paul Ridley, CEO and Co-founder, Old Street Digital
  • Pankhuri Bansal, Blockchain & IoT Expert, United Nations
  • Bullish Dumpling, Cardano KOL / Influencer / Crypto Show Host, Cardano (moderator)
  • Jay Bothra, Lead Development Specialist, HSBC
  • Philippe Ho, Vice President, Catheon Gaming

This panel session explores how institutions and financial service providers embed crypto solutions into existing platforms to add revenue streams & win and retain customers in a Web 3.0 world.

  • Tim Šabonov, CTO, Zumo Enterprise
  • Liz Lumley, Deputy Editor, The Banker (moderator)

The convergence of smart contracts and AI presents the opportunity to overcome a number of data challenges and seamlessly connect workflows, whilst ensuring confidentiality. This panel explores how to implement smart contracts into financial services infrastructure, the opportunities and the challenges.  

  • David Palmer, Blockchain Lead Vodafone Business IoT, Vodafone
  • Michael Messele, CEO, The Pillar Project
  • Michael Clark, VP – Global CTO, Mastercard Data & Services
  • Melvyn Jones, Managing Director, Global Head of Corporate Development & Communications, DVB Bank SE (moderator)

As technology matures and regulation develops, we are seeing an acceleration in the infrastructure being built around digital assets. This panel will explore new forms of financing through the tokenisation of assets, stablecoins and the blockchain infrastructure to support digital asset adoption. 

  • Raul Arribas, Chief Technology Officer, 11Onze
  • Adam Bialy, Co-Founder and CEO, Fiat Republic
  • François-Julien Alcaraz, Founder, CryptoSimple
  • Pavel Matveev, CEO, Wirex
  • Eloise Marchesoni, Cryptocurrency Contributing Writer, Crypto Daily
  • Liz Lumley, Deputy Editor, The Banker (moderator)

Given their open and permissionless nature, decentralised exchanges have been one of the main drivers of DeFi. In this session, we explore how they work, both the key differences between, and convergence of traditional and decentralised exchanges, advantages and disadvantages, and the impact on wider market structures.

  • Katia Banina, Head of Product, Bebop (moderator)
  • Jamie Allsop, CEO,
  • Pavir Patel, Chief of Staff, Bitpanda Pro
  • James Fick, Chief Commercial Officer & Co-Founder, Vaultavo
  • Denis Seleznev, Founder, Deedy

Stellar Development Foundation’s recent study found that 45% of respondents from the UK, U.S., Singapore and Mexico have sent cryptocurrency across national borders. Cross-border payments represent a significant cryptocurrency use case for banks. In this panel we explore what the infrastructure looks like and what collaborations are being developed to reshape the future of payments.  

  • Daniel Belda, Head of Product Strategy, OpenPayd
  • Elizabeth Rossiello, CEO & Founder, AZA
  • Manuela Sedvartaite, Innovation Manager, Banco Santander
  • Liz Lumley, Deputy Editor, The Banker (moderator) 
  • Jamie McNaught, Founder and CEO, Solidi

This session will explore how blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies can be leveraged to build self-sovereign identity (SSI). We will consider the technical and design differences between a blockchain and other traditional electronic identifiers.

  • Chris Park, Co-Founder, DeFinity 
  • David Palmer, Blockchain Lead Vodafone Business IoT, Vodafone 
  • Nicky Hickman, Industry Advisor, Blockchain & Digital Identity Lab, University of Jyväskylä
  • David Pollington, Head of Research, Bloc Ventures
  • Steve Pannifer, Managing Director, Consult Hyperion (moderator)

Increased involvement of institutions in DeFi has enabled more integration between banks and the crypto world. One of the biggest boundaries to further integration revolves around technology – this panel will address the technical boundaries currently preventing institutions from entering Web3 and the metaverse, whilst also hearing from the institutions that have led the way into these new locations.

  • Jehangir Byramji, Senior Fintech Lead, Lloyds Banking Group
  • Antoine Loth, CEO & Co-Founder, VALK
  • Shahar Zohar, Product Manager, DeFi and Web3, Fireblocks
  • Caroline Hughes, CEO, Lifetise (moderator)
  • Jacob George, Head of Product, Founders Factory

Explores some of the best DeFi propositions that are being brought to life through a network of partners who are enabling institutions to better serve their next generation of customers.

  • Nick Holt, Senior Director, Solutions Engineering, Marqeta (moderator)
  • Ash Bhatia, CEO, Shipyard Innovation
  • Ana Maria Jipa, Co-Founder & CEO, Olyn
  • Sean Kiernan, Chief Executive Officer, Greengage

Industry impact stage

DeFi is gaining the most traction in countries with greater unbanked populations. This infrastructure has become the front-runner in providing easily accessible credit and borrowing options to communities in emerging marketsWe will consider the economic incentives to change existing infrastructure, why DeFi has been more successful in emerging markets, and the potential for DeFi to open accessibility to financial services and accelerate the growth.  

  • Genevieve Leveille, Principle Founder and CEO, AgriLedger 
  • Dharmesh Mistry, Chief Executive Officer, AskHomey

In theory, the metaverse offers a new way for the creator economy to blossom through crypto integrations and decentralised platforms. This panel explores the real-world impact of Web3 and NFTs on the digital community and what financial services they will need.

  • Nanda Khiara, Art Gallery Owner / Artist, GalleryNK (moderator)
  • Amit Singh Rathore, Founder & CEO, Football Fan
  • Lola Okuyiga, Founder, Wonder
  • Raki Rice-Brown, Founder, Omnia DeFi
  • Dave Burrells, Chief Operating Officer, Pluto Digital
  • Ani Alexander, Blockchain Marketing Consultant / NFT artist / Host, NFT Rebels podcast

DeFi attributes have presented a variety of positive indications when combined for creating innovative solutions for investors. This panel explores the foundations for DeFi asset management and some of the key use cases, synthetic assets, fractionalisation, tokenised derivatives and more.

  • Ankush Jain, Chief Investment Officer and Co-Founder, Aaro Capital
  • Bullish Dumpling, Cardano KOL / Influencer / Crypto Show Host, Cardano
  • Philipp Pieper, Co-Founder, Swarm
  • Gary Clarke, CIO and Co-Founder, Old Street Digital
  • Anthony Calpas, Founder and Managing Partner, Karukera Capital
  • Matthew Gardiner, Founder, A1 AI (moderator)

As demand increases, the number of institutions undertaking cryptocurrency projects to improve payments has accelerated. This panel explores the key use cases for DeFi in payments, serving the unbanked, barriers to wider adoption, and how institutions can add digital wallets to their offerings.  

  • Tarun Sachdeva, Chief Strategy Officer, Ziglu
  • Benedikt Goetz, General Manager, UK & Europe, Metal Pay
  • Genevieve Leveille, Principle Founder and CEO, AgriLedger (moderator)

Peer-to-peer lending is one of the key use cases for DeFi. But what could both the technology and cryptocurrencies mean for institutional lending? We will discover some of the key use cases of DeFi in lending, its potential to improve accessibility to lending products, and where the sector is headed.  

  • Gerald Chappell, CEO and Co-Founder, Fintern
  • Gilad Amir, Digital Operating Partner, Pollen Street Capital
  • Anuj Khanna, CEO, Kashkind
  • Michael Stroev, COO & Head of Product, Nebeus
  • Vikas Raj, Managing Partner, resilienceVC (moderator)

Regulation and risk stage

What should fall within the regulatory perimeter and what should the industry deliver in terms of best practices, codes of conduct, and standards to de-risk DeFi in the key areas of product growth?

  • Mark Aruliah, Senior Policy Advisor, EMEA, Elliptic
  • John Salmon, DeFi Working Group Chair, Global Digital Finance (moderator)
  • Lodewijk van Setten, General Counsel, TriliTech
  • Shelley Schachter-Cahm, Chief Compliance Officer, CEX.IO
  • Kate Rhodes, Senior Legal Counsel, Paysafe Group
  • Greg Włodarczyk, Managing Director Fintrail, FinTech Fincrime Exchange (moderator)
  • Diederik van Wersch, Head of Mid-Market Sales EMEA, Chainalysis
  • Joanna Jenkins, Head of Compliance – Crypto and Fintech
  • Amanda Shoffel, Head of Regulatory Change, Bitstamp
  • Paul Munson, Head of Compliance & MLRO, Solidi

Meeting fast-evolving regulatory obligations and de-risking products to gain a competitive advantage.

Olivier Relandeau, Chief Information Officer, Zodia

Jamie Allsop, CEO,

Kam Dylan, K Dylan and Company (moderator)

What is the role of the financial services ecosystem in ensuring mass adoption of crypto whilst protecting customers? This panel explores the importance of banks and fintech’s to enforce security standards as we move into the next era of financial services.

  • Eddie Robb, Commercial Director, Zumo Enterprise
  • Kash Armani, CEO, Maslife
  • Ijeoma Okoli, Director, Digital Economy Institute; Founding Member, Impact X Capital Partners LLP
  • Anastasia Kinsky, Head of Programmes & Content, GBBC Digital Finance (moderator)
  • Manuela Sedvartaite, Innovation Manager, Banco Santander
  • Adriana Ennab, Director of Public Policy, Credit Suisse

Lavan Thasarathakumar, Government and Regulatory Affairs Director, EMEA, Global Digital Finance (moderator)

Bernhard Kuffer, Financial Affairs Attache, UK Swiss Embassy

Adriana Ennab, Director of Public Policy, Credit Suisse

Simon Horner, Advisory Board Member, GBBC, Digital Finance

Brian Gray, CEO, Financial Markets Law Committee

The big questions stage

Although DeFi has stormed into both traditional and new financial markets, some argue that this is only a scratch on the surface of innovation to come. This opening session will set the scene by exploring the key differences between centralised and decentralised structures, the benefits of each, and whether there is room for both in the future financial system.

  • Caroline Hughes, Co-Founder, CEO, Lifetise  
  • Lewis Lane, Innovation Scout, NatWest Group
  • Sohail Raja, Head of Electronic Execution Platforms, Global Markets | UK Chief Digital Officer, Societe Generale
  • Alejandro Gutierrez, CEO / Co-Founder, Defactor
  • Oonagh van den Berg, Chief Platform Officer, Uphold (moderator)

The evolution of fintech has broken through traditional barriers for entry into a variety of financial services. This panel explores DeFi as a next step in ensuring that more communities are able to access the financial support necessary for overall wellbeing and developing emerging markets.

  • Elisa Giudici, Co-Founder, Impact Investing in Tech
  • Isaac Robertson-Jonas, Senior Product Manager, Finder
  • Stephen Kenny, Institutional Business Manager, Aave
  • Vikas Raj, Managing Partner, resilienceVC
  • Lena Rantsevich, Co-Founder/Partnerships,
  • Shaun O’Keefe, Marketing Lead, Fiat Republic (moderator)

This lively debate will explore the macro and micro opportunities of decentralised finance and where exactly the value creation lies. 

  • Elliot Hentov, Head of Macro Policy Research, State Street 
  • Eleftherios Jerry Floros, CEO & Founder / Fintech Expert & Author, Elysian Impact Investing / Rethink Your Digital Future
  • Rajeeb Gurung, Fintech Reporter, Bobsguide (moderator)
  • Sophia Shluger, Managing Director for Europe, Amber Group
  • Chhay Lin Lim, Co-Founder / Lecturer, Serey / Saxion University of Applied Sciences

In its 2021 survey of the world’s central banks, the BIS found that 9 out of 10 are actively exploring DeFi markets and regulated digital currencies. As banks ramp up the activity, we explore the progress of CBDCs and how money is changing, lessons learned from CBDC experimentation and design, the key risks involved, and what’s next for digital assets. 

  • Jannah Patchay, Policy Lead and Originating Member, Digital Pound Foundation
  • Brendan Gilmore, Managing Director, BPG Strategy (moderator)
  • Manu Choudhary, Co-Founder, DeFinity Markets

As the vision for a blockchain-based Web 3.0 takes shape, with crypto, NFTs, DAOs, and DeFi taking centre stage, the future of digital identity is called into question. How do we establish trust online and protect users from financial crime and fraud, while enabling privacy and anonymity? Will an identity layer be a key feature of the future internet?

  • Flavia Kenyon, Chief Legal Counsel, Cyber Security Global Alliance 
  • Shiv Aggarwal, CEO, EarthID and Regional Director – EMEA, Government Blockchain Association
  • Benjamin Yablon, Founder, SALT Lending
  • Manish Garg, Founder and CEO, Banksly (moderator)

This session will explore the ongoing debate surrounding the environmental impact of crypto mining. Does the damage caused from crypto mining outweigh the potential positive impact of blockchain? Do the warnings carry merit or are they an attempt to slow down mass adoption?  

  • Mark Hipperson, Founder & CEO, Ziglu  
  • Anna Porra, European Strategy Director, Marqeta (moderator)
  • Eleftherios Jerry Floros, CEO & Founder / Fintech Expert & Author, Elysian Impact Investing / Rethink Your Digital Future
  • Daniel Baeriswyl, Founder, CEO, Science Card

To close the day, we will explore what will drive the economy in the metaverse and beyond. The session will consider future possibilities, overcoming barriers to entry, and how virtual realities will impact the real-world.

  • Emanuele Colonnella, Innovation Activation Manager, Generali
  • Susana Esteban, Founding Member, Oxford Blockchain Foundation
  • Kumardev Chatterjee, Co-Founder, European Metaverse Foundation / NEOM
  • Lauren Ingram, Founder, Women of Web3
  • Oliver Oram, CEO, Chainvine (moderator)


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