DeFining a new age of financial services

FTT DeFi 2022

12th July, 2022, 9:00 am BST

County Hall, Westminster, London

FTT DeFi will bring together the community of 700+ innovators and creators who are challenging the established thinking, and the establishment, when it comes to the future of financial services and beyond.

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Key themes

Lending Summit London


What are the economic and political drivers that lay behind the use of blockchain technologies? Is this about more sustainable or competitive economic and business models or are there other societal goals at play? What will be the impact on broader ESG goals? Expect lively debates and discussions of the key issues of the day.

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Focus on the how and the why of the DeFi infrastructure. Ethereum, Avalanche, Solana and Cardano and beyond – come away with an understanding of the provider universe. Will the architecture of the future be built on blockchains and, if so, when will the shift happen?


Crytocurrencies/ assets have moved well beyond the ‘simpler’ times of bitcoin. Get to grips with the fast pace of change in the crypto ecosystem. Are digital currencies the necessary means of exchange for a world built on distributed ledgers? CDBCs, stablecoins, NFTs and other digital assets – are consumers and businesses ready to rely on and transact with new stores of value?


With great power, comes great responsibility. We will explore how consumers are protected, access to financial services is impacted, and regulatory frameworks adapted to keep pace with a changing world.


How will this new world of decentralised technology impact the ways in which we transact, save, borrow and invest for the future? What are the exciting use cases emerging and already in play? How will this effect both incumbent providers and innovative players and how should the industry players strategically respond to change?


Beyond the confines of the financial services industry, are we witnessing the creation of the internet the world deserves? What does web3 mean and, just as important, how might it better serve the needs of people, businesses, and society? Will financial services be embedded in a multitude of self-regulating metaverses? Big topics, with lofty goals that merit deep dives and meaningful discussion.

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Prepare to have your assumptions tested

Discover new ways in which financial products and services are built and delivered. Understand how those new foundations can challenge established business models and relationships. Debate and discuss the need to re-think how stakeholders engage in the industry and how those activities are managed and regulated to drive better outcomes across the economy. 

Whether you are an expert looking for thought-provoking conversations or on a mission to bring yourself up to speed on the latest innovations, FTT DeFi will cover the broad spectrum of knowledge, interests and issues that need to be addressed. Go fearless and informed into the future of the industry.

2022 Speakers

Genevieve Leveille
Principal Founder and CEO
Caroline Hughes
Co-Founder & CEO
Dharmesh Mistry
Chief Executive Officer
Nick Jones
Co-Founder & CEO
Zumo Interprise
Mark Hipperson
Founder & CEO
Aman Thind
Chief Technology Officer
State Street
Michael Anyfantakis
Chief Architect & Head of Product,
Capital One
Matthew Gardiner
Daniel Belda
Head of Product Strategy
David Palmer
Blockchain Lead Vodafone Business IoT
Elliot Hentov
Head of Macro Policy Research
State Street
Jannah Patchay
Policy Lead and Originating Member
Digital Pound Foundation
Jehangir Byramji
Senior Fintech Lead
Lloyds Banking Group

2022 Agenda

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ONLY FOR regulated banks, challenger banks, exchanges, crypto wallets, insurers and asset managers and other institutional investors exploring DeFi and looking to engage with the tech/solution partner ecosystem. Accepted applicants will be matched with 10 other attendees as part of our Community Management.

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