As part of the TECHTalents family of events, VC Innovations offers up the TECHTalents Society – a monthly roundtable gathering where digital leaders and innovation thinkers can debate, discuss and dissect the most pressing issues of the day.

Society members include heads of innovation and digital at leading global institutions, founders of dynamic startup and growth companies and academic heads at the UK and Europe’s leading universities. Each roudtable will include:

  • A spirited debate and opportunity to network with your peers, conducted under The Chatham House Rule
  • A buffet breakfast of both hot and cold food, as well as coffee and tea and juice
  • Access to a follow-up blog outlining the general findings of the talk.

PensionTech/Disruptive retirement

20 March - Central London

Most of the products designed for 50 and up are “grey, big and they’re ugly and not inspiring.” What can we, as an industry do, to take better advantage and to serve this growing market?

The customer journey - From onboarding to value add

24 April - Central London

A financial firm needs to offer their customers products that meet their needs, but also earn their loyalty and retain their trust. What are the challenges banks face providing these customer journeys and what strategies can be used to overcome them?

Open banking - one year later

22 May - Central London

The era of Open Banking was ushered in to the UK and Europe at the start of 2018. More than a year later – what impact has it had on our industry? Has it been a failure, as so many pendants suggest or have we yet to see how Open Banking will evolve? What do we need to do, as an industry to ensure the promises of Open Banking are delivered?

Collaborations & partnerships in the real world

19 June - Central London

Conventional wisdom in the financial world is that large incumbent banks need to partner with smaller startup and scale-up companies. While that goal sounds good on paper, the reality is much harder to actualise. How can banks bridge the chasm between an appetite for innovation and a capacity to achieve it? How can FinTech entrants better navigate the incumbent financial services ecosystem?

How do you solve a problem like SME banking?

24 July - Central London

SMEs are quite diverse and can range from everything from a tech-savvy FinTech startup in London to a cat grooming store in Sheffield. This makes SMEs hard to classify. Many banks make do with an enhanced retail bank offering or a ‘lite’ version of their corporate offerings — both versions tend to fall short of meeting SME needs. What is the solution? Who will come forward to ease the real pain of SME banking?


The ethical data strategy

21 August - Central London

What does it mean to ensure automated decision-making systems act fairly? Is it possible for so-called ‘black box’ algorithms to perform transparently? And how can personal data be protected securely? In our post-Facebook-aware era, how do we balance data when ethics, privacy and security can exist on a spectrum?


AI & the future of work

18 September - Central London

Beyond automation – which jobs are being supported by robotics and machines? Will skills such as communication, caregiving and creativity gain further importance in the future?

Cyber security, cyber safety

23 October - Central London

What are threats we all should be aware of? How do we prepare for risk, and not be ruled by it? While innovation and digital transformation are promising greater efficiencies – are threats from cyber criminals and hackers destined to derail progress?

Creating & recruiting the best talent

12 November - Central London

Over the past few years, the digitization of the economy, business and society has created an incredible demand for skilled digital talent. This is true not only in the UK, but worldwide. How can companies attract and retain the best talent to create productive teams and innovative products?


Internal innovation – creating an entrepreneurial environment within a corporate space

December 4th - Central London

Fostering and encouraging an entrepreneurial environment within a large, multi-silo'ed organisation can be a Herculean task. Can it be done? Where are the success stories and case studies to offer best practice?

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