Key themes

There's something for everyone at the UK's largest and most impactful fintech festival.

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Fintech Talents Stage

Immerse yourself in a broad menu of fintech content on the Fintech Talents stage as we explore the digital transformation of the financial services landscape. Debates and discussions guaranteed to catalyse exciting conversations across the duration of the Festival and beyond.

Are you thinking about how the change in consumer need will require a new frontier of engagement and distribution of financial products and services? Are you giving due attention and care to how the transition to net-zero will affect the industry? We will discuss how new and evolving technologies are continuing to shift innovation strategies. Regulation remains an important area of focus (and expenditure) for financial institutions and fintechs alike but are the opportunities actually creating better and more resilient institutions, positioned to deliver on innovation.

Future Identity - co-located event

Future Identity is a dedicated community exploring the trends and technologies shaping the future of identity and trust. On the Future Identity festival stage, hear from industry experts, technology whizzes and influential policymakers, all with unique insights into this rapidly evolving industry.

We will explore how public and private sector players can collaborate to develop standards and frameworks around identity and break down data siloes. As identity rapidly becomes a key security priority for organisations of all sizes and across all sectors, we will look at how new technologies can fight fraud.

How do you make identity a seamless, yet secure part of the customer journey? Which usability and accessibility needs must be accounted for if digital identity is to work for everyone? How do you ensure identity solutions enhance user privacy and sovereignty? Sessions will leave you inspired to aim higher and design better as we build an identity ecosystem for the future.

FTT AI Transformation Stage

In the current ever-advancing state of artificial intelligence, delve into the depths of the cutting-edge AI revolution and its role within finance. From internal strategy to the impacts of its application, explore how the fintech landscape is more competitive than ever before.

How can AI be deployed to improve the efficiency and productivity of your team? What lessons can be learnt when building out MLOps and creating data science teams? Is AI the answer to transforming banking, insurance, lending, wealth management and the customer experience? With conversational AI, robo-advisors, credit decisioning and algo-trading, will AI replace humans in the workforce? Is transparency and explainable AI truly achievable? And the answer to everyone’s question, will Generative AI really solve every problem in the finance industry?

FTT Embedded Finance & Super-Apps Stage

In an industry where financial products and services can be delivered by a whole new range of distributors, new opportunities abound. Connect with a fast-growing community of financial and non-financial brands as they explore newly chartered pathways.

Do consumers and business care about where they access the financial products and services they need? Do they want it all in one big Super App? What are the drivers of trust and brand loyalty impacting the established providers and new distributors? The discussions on this stage will both bring those diverse voices together and dig deep into the why and how of embedded finance.

Focused sessions on payments, wealth management, insurance and that poster child for embedded finance, Buy now, pay later, are available for those that wish to take a deeper dive into an industry vertical.

FTT Open Finance Stage

Join a community driven by a passion for the possibilities of Open Finance. Look at both the present and future of the industry. Evaluate new business models and a fast-changing competitive landscape powered by Open Finance.

Keen to learn where we are with Open Banking to date and understand what the industry sees as the next exciting stage of development? There are presentations and sessions designed to deliver on that goal.

Payments continue to be a key gateway for consumer and business engagement with open finance but are we witnessing the beginning of the end of card payments? How does Open Data help support goals around sustainability and the transition to Net Zero? Beyond payments, what are the innovations being underpinned by open finance? How are these impacting areas like lending, risk management and other verticals such as insurance and wealth management? Will this open up new avenues of collaboration that extend beyond the borders of financial services?

FTT Mutuals - co-located event

Join us on our mission to unite leaders from building societies, credit unions, technology providers and  fintechs. Be part of a community with a shared vision to transform and future proof the UK’s mutual banking sector.

Hear from senior leaders from across the mutual sector about their vision for their institutions and the broader industry. Learn how these institutions, which have played crucial roles in their communities, responded to the challenge of the pandemic and continue to respond to the increasing pace of innovation.

Get valuable information on how fintechs and technology providers are increasingly partnering with mutuals to deliver successful innovation projects. Learn how the sector is addressing changing generational behaviour, modernizing their product offering, addressing the sustainability challenge whilst staying true to their values and mandates.


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