Secure engagement & collaboration software. Unblu helps banks and insurance companies to support, sell and advise their customers.

Fintech Stories

“The more complex your life gets and the more crucial the decisions for your future financial life are - be it investments, be it pension funds be it insurances - that are a big part of your spend, the more you probably still prefer the in person experience the real advice that someone can actually provide,” says Jens Rabe, Chief Operating Officer, unblu. “People trust people still, even though it is a digital world.”

Fintech Sit-down

“As a startup you are always thinking things are happening a lot faster than they happen in real life, specifically if you are dealing with banks,” says Jens Rabe, Chief Operating Officer, unblu.

The challenges of creating tech for a highly regulated industry

We speak to the team at unblu about how financial institutions can move away from the bulky silos of old infrastructures to seamless customer experiences


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