Welcome to FTT Open Finance 2021

15th & 16th November 2021, The Brewery London ( Hybrid )

The second edition of FTT Open Finance alongside the Fintech Talents Festival. An experience looking at the present and future of the industry. Evaluate new business models and a fast-changing competitive landscape driven by Open Finance.

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FTT Open Finance Speakers

James Shafe
Head of Department (Acting), Consumer & Retail Policy
Financial Conduct Authority
Winston Pearson
UK Open Banking Product Manager
Goldman Sachs
Christopher Pearson
Head of Intermediary Mortgages
Simon Lyons
Head of Ecosystem Engagement
Open Banking
Gavin Littlejohn
Financial Data and Technology Association
Clare Whitehead
FinTech Platform Lead and Head of Rise London
Barclays Rise
Dean Butler
Head of Digital Strategy
M&G Plc
Marion King
Director of Payments
Natwest Group
Paul Loberman
Chief Product Officer
Lily Morris
Responsible Investments Manager
Scottish Widows
Roland McCormack
Mortgage Distribution Director
TSB Bank
Hany Choueiri
Chief Data Officer
Aldermore Bank
Marloes Nicholls
Head of Policy and Advocacy
The Finance Innovation Lab
Laura Douglas
Senior Associate
Clifford Chance
Sergejs Vohrins
Product Lead - Open Banking
Simon Cureton
Chief Executive Officer
Funding Options
Bailey Kursar
Anna Porra
European Strategy Director
Winston Pearson
UK Open Banking Product Manager
Goldman Sachs

The future of finance is digital and most certainly more open. The journey to open banking may still be in its early stages but the plan is to accelerate and broaden that evolution. Open finance is coming whether through regulatory demand or market driven forces and the impact on the industry will be profound.

With a view towards improving the outcomes for consumers and businesses though more control over how their data is used and by whom, catalysing the creation of the next generation of products and services. Open finance must inform strategy decisions today for the future of all parts of the financial services sector.

Buckle up as we look at the present and future of the industry. Evaluate new business models and a fast-changing competitive landscape. Open your thinking to new partners and whole new ecosystems in a world of open finance.


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Key themes


What is the potential of an open data society? What are the desired outcomes and impact on competition, innovation, access to financial products/services and the universe of providers?


With open banking still a work in progress, how is the move to open finance envisioned? Do regulators lead from the front or will the market determine the speed of expansion and the boundaries of open finance?


How can the end customer – consumers and businesses – trust providers and new entrants to best serve their interests and protect their data? What is the most effective way to ensure that customers are fully informed as to how their data is being used and by whom? Do current regulatory frameworks provide adequate protection in an increasing open world?


How can those that have access to and process customer data best be required to protect that information and ensure it is used in ethical manner? In the absence of an accepted identify framework, what is the best way to drive security and compliance with current rules.


What are the opportunities that will come to the fore as the landscape becomes more open. What are the new partnerships and business models that will be poised to make the most of those new opportunities? How do established providers keep pace in an industry where open access becomes the norm?


Not all countries are moving in the same direction or, indeed, moving at all. Will different approaches lead to a more fragmented industry across the world? What about questions of interoperability and standards – is collaboration across borders needed?

Agenda - Day 1

  • Marion King, Director of Payments, Natwest 

Has the pandemic accelerated the use of Open Banking/Open Finance. Has the behavioural change that we’ve seen (from consumers) permanently changed the landscape? And crucially, what is on the horizon?  

Understanding Open Finance as a strategic decision. How does an institution become more open, both from a technology and cultural perspectiveIs that the only realistic strategy given the way financial services has changed? 

  • HanyChoueiri, Chief Data Officer, Aldermore Bank 

Open Finance is a means to accelerate InnovationUnderstanding how providers and partners can collaborate for the best outcomes. Learn about powering Fintechs to market. 

Access to data and data-enabled innovation are at the heart of open banking and open finance initiatives. But what happens with that data and how does it create new value for end users and providers? Understand the how and why of personalization and what it means to deliver on the promise of personalization.

  • Sergejs Vohrins, Product lead – Open Banking, Monese

Regulatory initiatives are at the heart of open banking and open finance. There is a lot to consider when thinking about moves to the next stage of development – open finance. The panel will review areas such as customer protection & education, including whether customers need to understand Open Banking/Open Finance in order to be protected.  

  • Gavin Littlejohn, Chair, Fdata Global 
  • James Shafe, Head of Department (Acting), Consumer & Retail Policy, Financial Conduct Authority 
  • Laura Douglas, Senior Associate, Clifford Chance

Does the data revolution really give people more control over their finances? Open Finance promises innovation, choice, and convenience, but it could also exacerbate vulnerability and exclusion. What will it take to realise the benefits of Open Finance, and mitigate its risks?

  • Marloes Nicholls, Head of Policy and Advocacy, The Finance Innovation Lab (moderator) 
  • Peter Tutton, Head Of Policy, StepChange 

Agenda - Day 2

What are some of the exciting new use cases that we’ve seen over the past year and what is ahead? Are we overweighting Financial Services and missing some exciting opportunities? 

  • Simon Lyons, Head of Ecosystem Engagement, OBIE 
  • Paul Loberman, Chief Product Officer, Untied 
  • Dean Butler, Head of Digital Strategy, M&G Plc 

The world of corporate treasury has not progressed at the same pace as the experience for consumers. Open Finance provides an opportunity to digitise this experience, both internally and customer facing, delivering significant value along the way. 

  • Winston Pearson, UK Open Banking Product Manager, Goldman Sachs 

Do small and medium business draw enough focus on their unique needs and challenges? Does Open Finance create an opportunity to better serve SME customers and support them post pandemic and into the future.

Part of what is considered one of the most stressful life experiences, can Open Finance drive improvements to a process riddled with paper, old processes and, sometimes, heartbreak.  

  • Chris Pearson, Head of Intermediary Mortgages, Wealth and Personal Banking, HSBC  
  • Roland McCormack, Mortgage Distribution Director, TSB Bank 

Can Open Finance deliver better outcomes over the course of our financial lives? Are data driven tools enough to ensure access, information and, crucially, uptake?

The financial services industry has a central role to play in the transition to more sustainable economies and meeting Net Zero targets. What role can Open Finance play in driving innovative solutions? Hear from those at the financial front lines of the sustainability challenge.  

  • Clare Whitehead, FinTech Platform Lead and Head of Rise London, Barclays 
  • Lily Morris Responsible Investments Manager, Scottish Widows 

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