Welcome to FTT Open Finance 2021

15th November 2021, The Brewery London ( Hybrid )

The second edition of FTT Open Finance alongside the Fintech Talents Festival. An experience looking at the present and future of the industry. Evaluate new business models and a fast-changing competitive landscape driven by Open Finance.

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FTT Open Finance Speakers

Emma Maconick
Partner, Data Protection & Privacy
Shearman & Sterling
Nouamane Cherkaoui
Société Générale
Stefano Vaccino
Dean Butler
Head of Digital Strategy
Louise Smith
Chief Digital Officer
Kate Bohn
Innovation & Strategy - Incubator & Accelerator Lead
Lloyds Banking Group
Barnabas Reynolds
Partner, Financial Institutions Advisory and Global Head of Financial Services Industry Group
Shearman & Sterling
Ian Johnson
Managing Director, Europe
Pawel Szaja
Partner, Capital Markets
Shearman & Sterling
Chris Higham
Head of Open Banking
Virgin Money
Jorge Baiao
Executive Board Member & CIO
Crédito Agrícola
Jawad Bhatti
Managing Director - FinTech
Ed Adamson
Director of Strategy
Fabian Vandenreydt
Advisory Board
Amrita Srivastava
Head of FinTechs, Western Europe
Cyril Chiche
Co-Founder & CEO
Charlotte Hausemer
Vice President - Innovation & Product Development
BNP Paribas
Keren Moynihan
CEO & Co-Founder
Boss Insights
Mathias Klenk
Dustin Phillips
Chief Lending Officer
Michael Hurup Andersen
Founder & CEO
Fintech Solutions
Marc-Andre Schauwecker
Vice President, Senior Legal Counsel ICT, Legal Data Management; Diversity and Inclusion Council
Credit Suisse
Matt Cockayne
Chief Commercial Officer
Simon Cureton
Funding Options
Aneesh Varma
Founder & CEO
Ren Yi Hooi
Founder & CEO & Former Rails Bank & BIMA insurance product lead
Lightning Social Ventures
Clare Reilly
Chief Engagement Officer
Roisin Levine
Head of Banks
Sue Daley
Associate Director, Technology & Innovation
Aditya Pasumarty
Head of Growth
Sorcha Lorimer
Chief Privacy & Risk Officer
Global Open Finance Centre of Excellence
Faith Reynolds
Consumer Representative
Open Banking Implementation Entity
Thomas Mason
Research Analyst
S&P Global Market
Juliette Souliman
VC Investor
MMC Ventures
Majeed Suleiman
FinTech Lead - Digital Ecosystems
Tom Carpenter
Director of Public Affairs & Marketing
Financial Data Exchange
Peter Fishman
Strategic Advisor to FinTechs
Lana Tahirly Abdullayeva
Strategic Advisor, Digital FS
Yojas Samarth
Senior Data Engineer & Tech Speaker
DBS Bank
Rita Martins
Digital Transformation Manager
Paul Loberman
Fintech & Banking Executive
ex - HSBC, Santander
Nav Khan
Open Banking Product Manager
Tanja Imamovic
Open API Business Owner/ Tribe Leader
Raiffeisen Bank International AG
Ghela Boskovich
Chapter Lead & Head of Europe
Financial Data & Technology Association
Lisa Moyle
Director of Strategy

The future of finance is digital and most certainly more open. The journey to open banking may still be in its early stages but the plan is to accelerate and broaden that evolution. Open finance is coming whether through regulatory demand or market driven forces and the impact on the industry will be profound.

With a view towards improving the outcomes for consumers and businesses though more control over how their data is used and by whom, catalysing the creation of the next generation of products and services. Open finance must inform strategy decisions today for the future of all parts of the financial services sector.

Buckle up as we look at the present and future of the industry. Evaluate new business models and a fast-changing competitive landscape. Open your thinking to new partners and whole new ecosystems in a world of open finance.

1000 VIP Attendees

Rockstar Speaker Line-Up

200 Financial Institutions

100 Fintechs

Engaging Content Sessions

Live Interactive Networking

On demand content

Fireside Chat - Welcome to the Open Economy

Morning Debate - Competition in an Open World

Panel - Guardians of the Data Galaxy

Panel - Regulation and Trust

Panel - Open and Interdependent Ecosystems

Panel - The journey to an Open Institution

Panel - Resolving trust tensions in FinTech

Interactive Session - How Open Finance will take off

Interactive Session - Financing in 2020

Interactive Session - Avoiding trust gaps in FinTech

Interactive Session - From Open Banking to Open Accounting

Fireside Chat - The Age of the Digital Builder

Key themes


What is the potential of an open data society? What are the desired outcomes and impact on competition, innovation, access to financial products/services and the universe of providers?


With open banking still a work in progress, how is the move to open finance envisioned? Do regulators lead from the front or will the market determine the speed of expansion and the boundaries of open finance?


How can the end customer – consumers and businesses – trust providers and new entrants to best serve their interests and protect their data? What is the most effective way to ensure that customers are fully informed as to how their data is being used and by whom? Do current regulatory frameworks provide adequate protection in an increasing open world?


How can those that have access to and process customer data best be required to protect that information and ensure it is used in ethical manner? In the absence of an accepted identify framework, what is the best way to drive security and compliance with current rules.


What are the opportunities that will come to the fore as the landscape becomes more open. What are the new partnerships and business models that will be poised to make the most of those new opportunities? How do established providers keep pace in an industry where open access becomes the norm?


Not all countries are moving in the same direction or, indeed, moving at all. Will different approaches lead to a more fragmented industry across the world? What about questions of interoperability and standards – is collaboration across borders needed?


  • Will it be regulation or the market that accelerates progress? 
  • Who are the key players? 
  • New business models 
  • Standard APIs or let 1000 Flowers Bloom? 
  • An interactive session with Shearman & Sterling
  • Financing through state support? Will this continue?
  • M&A or IPO as exit for fintechs. Question of size in EU versus US and Asia
  • Market risk and the Ant Financial IPO case

An interactive session between Passbase, Lightening Social Ventures and Star discussing:

  • Which tools are available to ensure trust at every step of the consumer experience?
  • How can other sectors inspire us?
  • Where do the trust gaps lie and how can you avoid them?

How Real-Time Data Empowers Banks and Private Lenders To Compete. An interactive session with Boss Insights, CCBank and Kompasbank.

A panel discussion on Protection & Privacy – a global view.

A panel discussion on Protecting, Educating and Supporting Consumers.

A discussion between between Mastercard, Yapily and Star exploring how:

  • The trust equation in FinTech is a two way street
  • Tackling trust tensions is key to delivering value for both sides of that equation
  • Observations and advice on how to resolve these tensions
  • Adding Open Finance to the digital roadmap 
  • Educating internal stakeholders 
  • Embedding cultural change 
  • Providing the tools & the technologies 
  • Partners old and new 
  • Platforms  

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