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Welcome to FTT Embedded Finance UK & Europe 2021

15th & 16th November 2021, The Brewery London (Hybrid)

Join us on 15th & 16th November to become part of the community that is truly re-imagining financial services. 

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FTT Embedded Finance Speakers

Saket Saith
Chief Technology Officer
Simon Torrance
CEO, Embedded Finance & Super App Strategies
Executive Working Group Member, World Economic Forum
Sabine VanderLinden
Co-founder, CEO and Managing Partner
Alchemy Crew
Henrik Rosvall
Sachin Sharma
Chief Product Officer
Standard Chartered, nexus
Andrew Murphy
Group Operations Director
John Lewis Partnership (Waitrose & John Lewis)
Liesl Bebb-McKay
Richard Davies
Chief Executive Officer
Allica Bank Limited
Michael Anyfantakis
Chief Architect, Capital One
Founder, Agile Hippo
Gilad Amir
Digital Operating Partner
Pollen Street Capital
Kimberly Mescal
Head of Strategic Partnerships
Tom Bentley
Chief Commercial Officer
Adnan Ahmed
Head of Strategy
Starling Bank
Alex Reddish
Managing Director
Tribe Payments
Lisa Moyle
Director of Strategy
VC Innovations

For an industry that has been subject to many waves of innovation and disruption in recent years, what does embedded finance mean for the future?
Is it the next stage in the evolution of an industry in which the underlying power structures have held firm?
Will this be the ‘moment’ that really shifts the dial for  incumbents, new entrants and players well outside of the usual suspects?


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Key themes

Taking Financial Services Everywhere

What does it mean when financial services are provided outside traditional financial institutions? How does enhancing customer experience affect the stickiness of your customers? How customer behaviour has changed after COVID-19 and what does that mean for the future of payments? Explore disruptive strategies to offer seamless financial services and win the hearts and minds of customers.

Understanding the Opportunity

Since every company can become a fintech, opportunities but also competitors are rapidly growing. In order to deliver value to your customers, it is important to understand the ecosystem that embedded finance can bring to your business model. What are the best differentiation strategies across the industry? Learn how you can enhance customer experience while providing seamless financial services, and explore the infinite pool of opportunities that Fintech partnerships offer in this space.   

Technology: The enablers

Explore the technologies enabling a direct connection between non-financial institutions and the consumer How can data improve a tailored product offering that sets you apart from your competition? Is automation leading the path in embedded finance? Hear from industry leaders what are the best practices to launch financial services through BaaS and APIs.

A sustainable future: Regulation

What are some of the most successful regulatory models for embedded finance? What can we expect from a regulatory perspective? Is embedded finance accelerating financial inclusion? Understand how businesses are joining forces with industry regulators to ensure consumer protection in this disruptive and fast-growing industry and in order to achieve a sustainable future for embedded finance.

The verticals are infinite

Despite of payments being in the epicentre of the industry, embedded finance is rapidly expanding in different and almost infinite verticals within financial services, such as lending, insurance, savings, wealth management or even social media, that have become mega trends. Explore how the verticals products are evolving, and what to expect next.

Disruptive Business Models

How are business models adapting and redefining when integrating financial services into their products? How can you boost your business’ value proposition through embedded finance? Hear from industry players how are they overcoming the main challenges when undertaking such integration.

Agenda - Day 1

In this session, Simon will be reviewing the scale of the opportunity for embedded finance in the UK and European market, covering payments, lending, banking, insurance, wealth management and loyalty, as well as defining the practical benefits for “embedders”: Retailers, manufacturers, telcos, techcos, banks, insurers and governments.

  • Simon Torrance, Executive Working Group Member, World Economic Forum

In this panel discussion industry leaders will discuss the big questions in embedded finance: How can we successfully integrate financial services in non-financial products at a deeper level? How is open banking catalysing embedded finance?

  • Andrew MurphyGroup Operations DirectorJohn Lewis Partnership (Waitrose & John Lewis) 
  • Saket SaithChief Technology Officer, Barclays 
  • Charles McManusCEO, ClearBank 

Panellists will be discussing strategies for retailers to attracting customers at zero cost, and how can embedded finance lead to lower marketing costs for brick-and-mortar banks. Industry practitioners will also review how are banks competing with non-financial institutions and what are the best products in the market to attract sticky consumers.

Modern tech-driven banking began with innovators focussing on a single product or service to solve a single problem. This is known as the ‘great unbundling’. Now fintechs have begun to ‘re-bundle’ some of these innovations in an effort to scale up and increase market share. But it’s no easy feat. Can fintechs successfully pair multiple new banking products and avoid becoming Jacks of All Trades?
Find out at this fascinating discussion on progress in the re-bundling of banking services.

  • Adnan Ahmed, Head of Strategy, Starling Bank
  • Kimberly Mescal, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Marqeta (Moderator)

We will analyse the latest technologies behind the veil of banking and launching financial products using API and BaaS. We will also explore the utilization of data to improve your product personalization offering and strategies to adapting your product offering to consumer behaviour through automation and machine learning.

At Rise, created by Barclays we run a free monthly mentoring programme for FinTech startups, where entrepreneurs can connect on a 1:1 basis with some of the industry’s top experts on a wide range of topics. This year, we’re bringing our mentoring programme to the FinTech Talents Festival, and as one of the speakers featuring at the festival – we’d love to invite you get involved! This is a fantastic opportunity to expand your network, and share your knowledge with some of the most exciting scaling FinTech startups on a 1:1 basis. Over the two hour period, you will meet with four pre-allocated FinTechs, information on each will have been shared with you beforehand.

Interested in getting involved, or want to know more? Please reach out to Grace Batchelor, Rise FinTech Platform Manager at Barclays.

This session will give an understanding of the ecosystem to leverage embedded finance, discuss strategies to building a richer and stickier user value proposition and explore the best practices to boost customer engagement while providing seamless financial services. We will also be exploring new profit opportunities from partnering with fintech.

  • Alex Reddish, Managing Director, Tribe Payments

Industry leaders will discuss approaches to enhancing your value propositions through embedded finance. The panel will explore the best practices to integrate embedded finance into your business model. We will also be learning from fintech on how to provide infrastructures to create better experiences more effectively.

Agenda - Day 2

This panel discussion will discuss in which ways is embedded finance helping consumer well-being, we will explore the truth behind BNPL: Is embedded finance actually helping people or are consumers stressing over debt? This panel will also review the financial inclusion prospect from embedded finance.

  • How embedded finance is powering companies to use card programs support their core business?
  • Creating e-commerce frictionless customer journeys
  • Integrating embedded finance at POS, in-app and web
  • Using Cloud to boost CX and deepen engagement in embedded payments
  • Reviewing the benefits of embedded lending: How can we increase consumer buying rates?
  • Utilising data analytics for JIT lending: Boosting customer engagement
  • The rise of BNPL schemes: Benefits for retailers

Galcia Bank

  • Introducing embedded and IaaS offerings in your digital ecosystem
  • Real-time data analytics to boost CX and improve customer retention
  • Insurance-as-a-Service model: Delivering innovative and personalized products through SaaS
  • What are the most profitable products shaping the embedded insurance market?
  • Learning from API-based brokerages: Integrating investing into your vertical offering through embedded investment
  • What are the most profitable products in embedded wealth management?
  • Building APIs to achieve seamless account opening, funding, trading and portfolio management
  • Reviewing new revenue opportunities from social media
  • Discovering In-App monetization features to increase creators’ stickiness

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