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Fintech Talents Road Trip

19th April 2023, Grand Hotel, Stockholm

Second stop - Stockholm

On tour with the global ecosystem in our sights, Fintech Talents sets off on a road trip to explore financial services innovation in Paris, Stockholm, and Berlin. Join us for one leg or on every stop of the Fintech Talents Road Trip.

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Think local, act global: financial innovation in Sweden

For the second stop of our 2023 tour, we are in Stockholm, a leading European fintech hub, on Wednesday 19th April

We are bringing together an innovative community of financial institutions positioned for change, ambitious start-ups, and technology innovators to delve into the impact on the Swedish financial services industry (and beyond)


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Each stop is carefully crafted to highlight the key digital innovation drivers in fintech / financial services for each country.

Join us at the essential meeting place for leaders powering the future of ecosystem. 


Key themes

The cashless

Technology is close to making cash a thing of the past. Fintechs are helping to drive the transformation. From handy mobile payments to bank ID - all aboard living a cashless life?


or burst bubble? It gained its popularity as an alternative credit option and a seamless part of the customer journey. But with the product in the sightline of regulators across the world, what will that mean for both providers and end/users ? 


Crytocurrencies / assets have moved well beyond the ‘simpler’ times of bitcoin. Get to grips with the fast pace of change in the crypto ecosystem.  Are cryptcurrencies the answer to inefficiencies in payments and  are consumers and businesses ready to rely on and transact with new stores of value?

The Nordics: Leading sustainable finance

Leading by example, the Nordic Countries will become the most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030. Having a focus on sustainable finance is one of the prerequisites to achieving this ambition.


With the banking market prepared for continued uncertainty, faster credit uptake and inflation hovering around multi-year highs, what will financing SME's and entrepreneurs look like beyond 2023?


The future
of money

Digital is transforming currencies and finance. With customers, and CX very much in the spotlight for both traditional and neo banks - how will fintechs, and the advanced tech they bring, reshape banking?

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Jan Starmans
Assistant Professor, Department of Finance
Stockholm School of Economics
Lisa Moyle
Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer
VC Innovations
Vesa Riihimäki
Head of Startup and Growth Business
Nordea Finland
Janne Elvelid
Head of Policy, Sweden and Finland
Gunnar Berger
Head of Open Banking
Hamed Ordibehesht
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Jeff Parker
Managing Director International
Harald Axelius
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Philip Haglund
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Ulrika Andersson
Chief Partnership Officer
Markko Waas
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Claims Carbon Institute
Andréas Tegner
Chief Credit Officer
Christoffer Rutgersson
Chief Executive Officer
Sameh EL-Ansary
Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Jesper Jonsteg
Chief Executive Officer
Emil Sunvisson
Chief Executive Officer
Qred AB

Champagne experience


By the entrance to the Cadier bar, adjacent to the lobby, is a beautifully designed champagne bar, where attendees can enjoy the elegant surroundings whilst networking over a glass or two of champagne after the content sessions end!

Start: 17:15
End: 19:00



Lisa Moyle, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Fintech Talents

Being home to one of the largest players in the buy now, pay later (BNPL) segment, Sweden has one of the highest adoption rates. Coincidentally, BNPL adoption is also increasing across the world, creating new opportunities for providers. But with opportunity comes risk. This session will discuss:

  • The tools needed to minimise fraud risks to both payment providers and consumers
  • How to prepare for new fraud regulations and what they could entail
  • Why protecting customer experiences needs to be at the heart of fraud prevention

Jeff Parker, Managing Director International, Marqeta

By 2030 we have to slash the world’s CO2 emissions in half. Nordic banks and policymakers are already leading the way, seeing sustainable investment as an opportunity combined with responsibility. Which solutions are available that can be scaled up in the short- and medium-term to accelerate the transformation towards a green(er) financial system? 

  • Green bonds and sustainable credit cards  
  • Socially responsible investing  
  • Impact investing – measurement and benchmarking 

Jan Starmans, Assistant Professor, Department of Finance, Stockholm School of Economics
Markko Waas, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Claims Carbon Institute

The dash from cash. The first European country to issue banknotes, Sweden looks set to be one of the first European countries to get rid of them. With less than 32 ATMs per 100k people, over 98% of citizens owning a debit card, and one of the top countries for contactless mobile payments, physical cash is fast becoming a relic of the past in Sweden. 

  • Mobile apps driving digital payments  
  • Digital currencies – the next step of the journey? 
  • Public sector support and private sector innovation 

Philip Haglund, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Gimi 
Ulrika Andersson, Chief Partnership Officer, Gimi

The Nordic region made progress in last year’s European Open Banking League Table. Renowned for payment innovation and a long tradition of cross-government cooperation, could they be the first countries to unlock open finance? With a number of open banking use cases, we’ll highlight what the market can achieve with: 

  • Cooperation between governments and banks 
  • Confidence in data-sharing 
  • Onboarding automation 

Gunnar Berger, Head of Open Banking, Nordea

Fintechs, supported by VC’s, are currently taking the lead in creating sophisticated embedded finance offerings but it’s a new, very large addressable market opportunity for incumbents. If they can grasp this game-changing opportunity effectively, it can be used as a catalyst for wider business model transformation. 

  • Opportunities, threats and actions 
  • Payment and E-Money Institution license in Sweden 
  • Who will lead the next payments revolution? 

Christoffer Rutgersson, Chief Executive Officer, Qliro

Although the adoption of crypto has historically been slower in the Nordics than in the rest of the world, more and more people — especially the younger generation — are dabbling in this new asset class. What prompted the sudden shift from ‘gradually’ to ‘suddenly’ and what other developments are on the horizon? 

  • E-krona and cross border payments 
  • Green bitcoin  
  • Regulations and risk 

Innovation often looks to the next generation, and much of Gen Z is now mature enough to start driving behaviours and usage of technology. Is this an entertainment space for youngsters or will this be an important channel for the delivery of financial services that can’t be missed? Who is ahead of the game and can established providers create a forward-looking strategy to capture the opportunity? We’ll look at: 

  • Banking and regulation – how it will work 
  • Core values: Privacy, Safety + Security, Economic Opportunity and Equity + Inclusion 
  • Cooperation between lawmakers, academics, developers, companies and the people who will use the tech 

Janne Elvelid, Head of Policy, Sweden and Finland, Meta

Over the past few years, alternative lending has seen its position in the lending market grow considerably as needs and requirements change. One of the reasons it is continuing to take considerable market share is that working capital and short-term capital loans have played an increasingly important role for SMEs when they want to access funds to support their growth plans.  

  • Online lending platforms versus commercial banks  
  • Business models and market development 
  • Financing SMEs and entrepreneurs  

Vesa Riihimäki, Head of Start-up and Growth Business, Nordea Finland
Hamed Ordibehesht, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ponture
Harald Axelius, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Billender

Led by ambitious investors and innovators, and supported by an enterprising government, the fintech landscape in the Nordic region is all set to define finance in the years to come. The region continues to be a global leader when it comes to digital maturity and seems best prepared for change. Who are the new fintech players and how will they shape global finance? 

  • Collaboration culture – models of the future  
  • Privacy versus transparency  
  • Creating a safe and trustworthy AI  

Andréas Tegner, Chief Credit Officer,  DBT
Emil Sunvisson, Chief Executive Officer, Qred AB

Lisa Moyle, Co-Founder and Director of Strategy, Fintech Talents

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