Three cities, one-week, endless opportunities

Fintech Talents Road Trip

21st April 2023, The Westin Grand, Berlin

Final stop - Berlin

On tour with the global ecosystem in our sights, Fintech Talents sets off on a road trip to explore financial services innovation in Paris, Stockholm, and Berlin. Three cities, one-week, endless opportunities – join us for one leg or on every stop of the Fintech Talents Road Trip.

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Think local, act global: financial innovation in Germany

For the final stop of our 2023 tour, we are in the German innovation hub – Berlin - on Friday 21st April

We are bringing together an innovative community of financial institutions positioned for change, ambitious start-ups, and technology innovators to delve into the impact on the German financial services industry (and beyond)


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Each stop is carefully crafted to highlight the key digital innovation drivers in fintech / financial services for each country.

Join us at the essential meeting place for leaders powering the future of ecosystem. 


Key themes

Berlin: The
blockchain capital

A hub of European blockchain with more than 180 companies, including start-ups, major corporations, tech accelerators, innovation hubs, research institutions, and investors actively involved in innovating with blockchain technology. What are some of the exciting use cases emerging?

The digital

Where are we on the roadmap to the digital euro? And looking ahead, what will the next wave of innovation it catalyses look like? Will German fintechs lead the way in creating Europe-wide payment solutions? And more importantly, will end-users trust a digital euro?


German convenience-seekers are interested in using super apps to manage their financial services (and beyond). Will consumers and businesses opt for one app to save, shop and spend in the connected economy? How should banks prepare for this changing landscape.

All in one financial wellbeing

With great power, comes great responsibility. We will explore how consumers are protected, access to financial services is impacted, and regulatory frameworks adapted to keep pace with a changing world.

Accelerating embedded finance adoption

By bringing together traditional banks and modern tech-driven platforms, financial institutions and brands can benefit from embedded finance to increase customer loyalty, increase the number of customer touch points and generate additional revenue streams. Just some of the opportunities...


Digital payments pioneers

Contactless payments are rising globally but Germany remains a predominantly cash-based society. Despite the shift in consumer behaviour, the adoption of contactless payments is comparatively low. Tradition vs innovation: what will drive digital payments in Germany?

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Louise Ferslev
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Galina Kersten
EMEA Head of FinTech and Platforms Sales
Deutsche Bank
Jeff Parker
Managing Director International
Lisa Moyle
Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer
VC Innovations
Stephan Haslebacher
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
Perjan Duro
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Susanne Krehl
Founder and Managing Director
Bianca Zwart
Chief of Staff to the CEO
Nina Pütz
Chief Executive Officer
Joachim V. Brockmann
Managing Director, Future Payment Solutions & Development
Matteo Gamba
Head of Product, Global Payments and Fraud

Friday night German BBQ experience

Friday night BBQ



Enjoy an exquisite German BBQ whilst mingling with attendees after the content sessions come to an end! 

Start: 17:15
End: 20:00



Lisa Moyle, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Fintech Talents

Following well-publicised pandemic-driven growth in 2020, digital payments look set to accelerate again this year, thanks to the relentless pace of innovation across the financial ecosystem. Find out what comes next in the world of eWallets, real-time funds transfers and personalisation. This session will look at:

  • How card tokenisation is making digital payments accessible to all
  • The APIs supporting financial literacy and better money management skills consumers of all ages
  • Why catering to niche audiences is driving innovation in unexpected places

Jeff Parker, Managing Director International, Marqeta
Stephan Haslebacher, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Moss

Germany’s strategy to boost the use of blockchain has led to a growing niche boosted by start-ups. German parliament passed a law to allow investments in cryptocurrencies in the future. The dangers of virtual currency are also being addressed, with plans to tackle the criminal use of cryptocurrencies. So, is Germany leading, lagging behind, or carving its own way? 

  • National Blockchain Strategy  
  • Active cryptocurrencies  
  • Virtual currency regulation – new rules for crypto funds  

The European Central Bank announced its plans to work with Amazon and four other companies to test prototypes of a digital euro in everyday life. The force behind this move is the German Government. With banks setting out their vision for digital euro design – what could be some of the benefits?  

  • Protect strategic autonomy of European payments  
  • Help to avoid market dominance 
  • Foster innovation in the private sector 

Digital only, mobile first and end-to-end innovation – modern society is setting the pace. The latest trend in digital disruption pushes towards an all-in-one solution: one universal app. How can banks stay competitive in this ever-evolving environment by taking advantage of this opportunity.  

  • What to consider when developing your strategy and business model 
  • Marketplace ecosystems for fintechs 
  • Embedding services in existing super apps or developing your own?

Bianca Zwart, Chief of Staff to the CEO, bunq

Achieving total CX. IoT, AI, Embedded Payments – the global connected customer wants simplicity, security and ease. Bringing together key innovative technologies is the key to winning the loyalty of consumers and businesses. Big data and AI provide hyper-personalised services, allowing businesses to shift to a customer-centric mode and: 

  • Evolve customer journeys 
  • Establish robotic processes, automation and chatbots 
  • Build customer experience with payments/mobile payments 

Embedded finance holds great promise – stronger customer loyalty, new revenue streams and precious data on the payment behaviour of the company’s user base. There is a growing number of strategic partnerships among market players to launch innovative products. So, what is available? And which brands are doing it better than the banks?  

  • Tools and tech for lending, insurance, payments 
  • A new era of partnerships  
  • Reimaging retail and delivering on CX  

Joachim V. Brockmann, Managing Director, Future Payment Solutions & Development, MediaMarktSaturn
Matteo Gamba, head of Product, Global Payments and Fraud, Wayfair

Buy now, pay later (BNPL) solutions have brought one of the biggest disruptions to online shopping industry in recent years. Although it’s been most popular with Gen Z and Millennial consumers to date, uptake among older consumers is increasing. But while it might seem like a convenient and seemingly money-saving shopping method, its use raises a number of debt and data privacy issues. Is BNPL enhancing or hindering financial inclusion? 

  • Providing clarity – transparency is key 
  • Ensure adequate consumer protection 
  • What happens when ethics and desired business outcomes conflict? 

Nina Pütz, Chief Executive Officer, Ratepay 

Germany’s Fintech market is thriving thanks to an innovation-friendly environment and mature infrastructure. Its growing fintech start-up scene, centred in Berlin, attracts international top talent, not only because of the high level of English language adoption – the common language of cross-border payments – but also because of its start-up-friendly laws, and stability within the Eurozone, combined with: 

  • Cross border and export commerce 
  • Cross-segment partnerships 
  • New market entrants 

Louise Ferslev, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, MyMonii

People in Germany are the most financially secure of any country in Europe. But with consumers facing the challenge of global inflation they are turning to financial apps and services that automatically streamline their spending. Customers knowing that they can pay the bills today, are on track for a healthy financial future. People who experience financial wellbeing are less stressed about money.   

  • Cash and budget managing apps  
  • How to handle physical cash in budgeting apps 
  • Effortless tracking on both daily, and advanced, expenses

Perjan Duro, Founder and Chief Executive Officer,
Susanne Krehl, Founder and Managing Director, Fabit 

Lisa Moyle, Co-Founder and Director of Strategy, Fintech Talents

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