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14th - 15th November 2022 | The Brewery, London

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Innovation is wherever you build it

The Journey to Digital Transformation Continues...

At Fintech Talents we are on a mission to unite leaders from building societies, credit unions, technology providers and fintechs – all with a vision to transform and future proof the UK’s mutual banking sector.

Join a community of innovators as we explore the obstacles and opportunities that lie ahead.

Meet our Rockstar Speakers

Explore our early confirmed expert speakers...

Manila Mclean
Newcastle Building Society
Chris McEvoy
Security and Resilience Officer
Nationwide Building Society
Rachael Hunnisett
National Accounts & New Build Lead
Skipton Building Society
Will Carroll
Monmouthshire Building Society
Paul Norgrove
Protect and Serve CU

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The scale of opportunity

25 million

UK Customers served by 43 Building Societies


Satisfaction rate from Building Society customers

£290 billion

Held in savings with a Building Society


Of all UK mortgages provided by a Building Society

1/3 UK

Has a financial relationship with a Building Society

The journey began with innovation...

Responding to social need, Building Societies set out to offer something new – a collective way to help members achieve financial goals.

Fast forward over 200 years and Building Societies remain proud pillars of their communities. Regardless of scale, they are committed to providing services which meet genuine need and don’t leave anyone behind.

This purpose will not change any time soon. But the way in which they fulfill it will evolve.

No organization can escape the current pace of technological change. Digital solutions have quickly become an expected aspect of daily interactions, which the recent international pandemic has escalated to a necessity.

Each on a unique digital journey, Building Societies are looking to harness transformative technologies and fintech solutions, empowering them to continue delivering the best outcomes to current and future customers.

These institutions may be long-established, but their potential for innovation should not be overlooked.

Innovation is wherever you build it, and a digital future has infinite possibility.

Key themes

The age-old question of legacy

The challenges facing Building Societies as innovators vary depending on their structure, culture and scale. Which route – in-house development, 3rd party partnership, purchasing fintech – is best to overcome legacy, meet regulation and produce gradual, scalable change?

Purpose-driven transformation

Building Societies look beyond efficiency and profitability, striving to only implement digital change which has measured, positive impacts for the communities they serve. How can innovation drive inclusion, diversity and sustainability, rather than being for innovation’s sake?

Innovating to compete in a digital world

How can Building Societies develop their product offering to reflect an evolving socio-economic climate and a growing appetite for digital-first services. How can they bring on board the right digital expertise to make innovation work for staff and customers?

The power of open banking

If customer confidence in the process can be built, Open Banking could present a real opportunity for data driven insights to inform the Building Society product offering. It has the potential to improve services and open the door to holistic wealth management.

The changing the world of lending

Machine learning, digital identity, automation and other technologies could be set to shake up the world of residential mortgages and SME lending. How do these innovations fit into the process alongside experienced lenders and intermediaries?

Digital: No match for the human touch?

Technology, while an enabler for some, may be an inhibitor for others. Even in a new world of remote working, the Building Society approach requires technology to augment, rather than replace the trusted human interaction many members value.

Why attend FTT Building Societies


I’m working to implement digital transformation and FinTech at a Building Society. But why should I be part of this event?

  • FTT Virtual Building Societies will challenge convention and encourage innovative thinking on how to succeed with digital transformation in the current climate.
  • Building Societies will be able to drive the conversation on the potential of new technologies, showcasing achievements and demystifying any aspects of fintech you’ve yet to embrace.
  • Through targeted networking Building Societies can meet with those fintechs, start-ups and tech providers with specific solutions to your unique challenges and explore genuine potential for collaboration.


I’m from an innovative FinTech company and want to explore opportunities to collaborate with Building Societies. But what can I gain from being part of this event?

  • For technology providers the Building Society product timeline can appear seamless compared with a top-tier bank. The opportunity for collaboration is clear, but this isn’t an off-the-shelf sell.
  • FTT Building Societies will give fintechs the opportunity to really understand what Building Societies are looking for in a partnership. Through case-studies of successful implementations and discussions about the obstacles faced, we will explore how you can cater to a Building Societies unique needs and work alongside them to mutually create solutions.

FTT Building Societies Agenda 2022

  • Opening Remarks from Moderator/ Chair 

CEOs from across the mutual banking landscape discuss the methods mutuals are employing for a clearer, adaptive, and successful future.  

William Carroll, CEO, Monmouthshire Building Society

Emma Norledge, Deputy CEO, Wave Community Bank

Dónal Traynor, Group CEO, Community Finance Ireland

Adrian Sargent, CEO, Castle Community Bank

Brendan Gilmore, Managing Director, BPG Strategy (Moderator)

Reaching a fair plateau of financial inclusion in the new-build & first-time buyers demographic 

Rachael Hunnisett, National Accounts & New Build Lead, Skipton Building Society

Eliot Darcy, CEO, Market Mortgage

Often considered a blight on the modern financial institution, are legacy systems in need of erasure or a reboot? Rockstar speaker Manila McLean gives us the rundown on how their team have approached their own tech stack and how that supports their broader digitization objectives. 

Manila McLean, CIO, Newcastle Building Society

Time for a quick break! Grab a tea or coffee!

Discussing the need for further development of financial education initiatives and targeted aid to better support members 

Rachael Hunnisett, National Accounts & New Build Lead, Skipton Building Society

Eliot Darcy, CEO, Market Mortgage

Our panel looks at the ways mission-led financial institutions can lead in providing the vulnerable with financial education, cushion the blow of the cost-of-living crisis and push for innovation where it’s needed most: our communities. 

Phil Gosset, Head of Innovation, Nationwide Building Society

Tynah Matembe, Founder & CEO, MoneyMatiX Ltd.

Kieran Roberts, Strategy Development Manager, Leeds Building Society

Jonathan Turner, Technology Strategy and Innovation Lead, Fair4All Finance

Matt Lowndes, Innovation Director, Mortgage Advice Bureau

A detailed overview of the resilient processes mutual institutions need to adopt cross-branch and cross-division, if they are to provide security for members and retain their trust. 

Chris McEvoy, Security & Resilience Officer, Nationwide Building Society

Learning to thrive in the mutual landscape under the pressure of ever-evolving regulatory standards and parameters.

With the cost-of-living crisis rearing its head for winter, the mutual sector is putting more time than ever into providing sustainable solutions, partnering with eco-centric fintechs and building greener platforms for members, prospective and loyal. Our panellists look into the potential conversion opportunities this brings, as well as the issues surrounding company greenwashing. 

Gareth Griffiths, CEO, Ecology Building Society

Jonathan Evans, National Accounts Lead, Skipton Building Society

Richard Rothwell, Commercial Development Manager, Leeds Building Society

Daphne Biliouri-Grant, ESG Manager, Suffolk Building Society

Looking at how building societies and credit unions can utilize the Property Data Framework to better augment and streamline their mortgage processes. 

Maria Harris, Chair, Home Buying & Selling Group

Attracting new members to your organisation is a lot more hands-on than it perhaps used to be, with recent generations of consumers demanding a mindful, more sensitive approach to social issues and their overall ESG frameworks. Our panellists discuss the ways in which the mutual sector, famed for its customer-service and communal ethos, can build sustainable,  inclusive initiatives and encourage members, old and new, to get involved in the quest for a broader community goals. 

Zahoor Ahmad, Head of Social Mobility, Inclusion & Belonging, Co-Op

Daphne Biliouri-Grant, ESG Manager, Suffolk Building Society

Chris McEvoy, Security & Resilience Officer, Nationwide Building Society

Anna Porra, European Strategy Director, Marqeta (Moderator)

Facing down concerns around cyber security with a forward-thinking discussion of the fundamental attitudes and processes of a well-oiled mutual infrastructure 

Time for a quick break! Grab a tea or coffee (…or a famous festival craft beer!) before the final sessions of the day.

Despite the abundance of brilliant FinTech providers and solutions, the mutual sector needs to reassess their stacks to ensure a future proofed and up-to-the-job tech infrastructure.

Michael Fisher, Chief Product Officer, Mutual Vision 

Our rockstar panel closes the first day with an engaging debate about the ever-evolving mutual product expansion trend. How can the sector broaden its arsenal whilst protecting their roles as a trusted provider for members? 

Stephen Geran, Head of Digital Product Innovation, Nationwide Building Society

  • Opening Remarks from Moderator/ Chair 

Our panellists discuss the challenges of workplace reshuffles, cross-duty job roles and the great post-covid reset. With traditional branches coming into question and the popularity of hybrid working, how can the sector stay afloat? 

Colin Field, CEO, Saffron Building Society

Wayne Morris, Head of Transformation, Nationwide Building Society

Providing financial education to members should be on the top of every credit union’s to-do-list. But how can they achieve this with such rapid changes in the FinTech landscape and the banking sector as a whole? 

Time for a quick break! Grab a tea or coffee!

Mortgages. The mutual bank’s bread and butter. Explore the inspirations behind the latest initiatives in lending and home-buying. 

Claire Askham, Head of Mortgage Sales, Buckinghamshire Building Society

Michael Conville, Head of Mortgage Operations, Newcastle Building Society

Jennifer Johnson, Deputy Secretary General, EMF-ECBC

Tony Hall, Head of Mortgage Sales, Saffron Building Society

John Scrivens, Intermediary Development & Leadership Professional, Skipton Building Society (Moderator)

Joy Abisaab, CEO, Mast

Making sure members are looked after from the moment they’re onboarded is crucial to retaining trust and developing their financial portfolio in line with the business. With newer generations finding their needs met in neo banks and challenger institutions, how can this be maintained and built on? 

Colin Field, CEO, Saffron Building Society

Rachael Hunnisett, National Accounts & New Build Lead, Skipton Building Society

Jane Benjamin, Director, Mortgages, Connect for Intermediaries

Michael Royce, Senior Policy & Propositions Manager (Savings & Workplace), Money and Pensions Service (Moderator)

Honing in on the tactics and trajectories credit unions are utilising in anticipation of future developments.

Matt Bland, CEO, The Co-Op Credit Union

Exploring the need for clarity and collaboration with regulatory bodies in the funding cycle.

Consumer tech attitudes have coalesced to lean more on the all-in-one model of Big Tech companies, integrating all products and services into one streamlined space. How is this affecting the mutual sector and its traditional values? Does this trend spell the end for physical branches or will there be a renaissance for a more staggered and tangible approach to banking? 

Tori Strong, Head of Digital Products, Newcastle Building Society

Time for a quick break! Grab a tea or coffee (…or a famous festival craft beer!) before the final sessions of the day.

Wrapping up this year’s event, our panellists ponder the state of their communities, the saturated FinTech market and the future of finance. 

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