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The 3rd edition of FTT Building Societies!

The Journey to Digital Transformation Continues - 14th & 15th November, The Brewery, London, as part of the Fintech Talents Festival 2022

At Fintech Talents we are on a mission to unite leaders from building societies, credit unions, technology providers and FinTechs – all with a vision to transform and future proof the UK’s mutual banking sector.

Join a community of innovators as we explore the obstacles and opportunities that lie ahead.

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The scale of opportunity

25 million

UK Customers served by 43 Building Societies


Satisfaction rate from Building Society customers

£290 billion

Held in savings with a Building Society


Of all UK mortgages provided by a Building Society

1/3 UK

Has a financial relationship with a Building Society

Building Societies represented



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The Journey began with Innovation...

Responding to social need, Building Societies set out to offer something new – a collective way to help members achieve financial goals.

Fast forward over 200 years and Building Societies remain proud pillars of their communities. Regardless of scale, they are committed to providing services which meet genuine need and don’t leave anyone behind.

This purpose will not change any time soon. But the way in which they fulfill it will evolve.

No organization can escape the current pace of technological change. Digital solutions have quickly become an expected aspect of daily interactions, which the recent international pandemic has escalated to a necessity.

Each on a unique digital journey, Building Societies are looking to harness transformative technologies and fintech solutions, empowering them to continue delivering the best outcomes to current and future customers.

These institutions may be long-established, but their potential for innovation should not be overlooked.

Innovation is wherever you build it, and a digital future has infinite possibility.

400 VIP Attendees

Rockstar Speaker Line-Up

60 Building Societies & Credit Unions

100 Fintechs

Engaging Content Sessions

Live Interactive Networking

Key themes

The power of open banking

If customer confidence in the process can be built, Open Banking could present a real opportunity for data driven insights to inform the Building Society product offering. It has the potential to improve services and open the door to holistic wealth management.

The changing the world of lending

Machine learning, digital identity, automation and other technologies could be set to shake up the world of residential mortgages and SME lending. How do these innovations fit into the process alongside experienced lenders and intermediaries?

Digital: No match for the human touch?

Technology, while an enabler for some, may be an inhibitor for others. Even in a new world of remote working, the Building Society approach requires technology to augment, rather than replace the trusted human interaction many members value.

The age-old question of legacy

The challenges facing Building Societies as innovators vary depending on their structure, culture and scale. Which route – in-house development, 3rd party partnership, purchasing fintech – is best to overcome legacy, meet regulation and produce gradual, scalable change?

Purpose-driven transformation

Building Societies look beyond efficiency and profitability, striving to only implement digital change which has measured, positive impacts for the communities they serve. How can innovation drive inclusion, diversity and sustainability, rather than being for innovation’s sake?

Innovating to compete in a digital world

How can Building Societies develop their product offering to reflect an evolving socio-economic climate and a growing appetite for digital-first services. How can they bring on board the right digital expertise to make innovation work for staff and customers?

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Why attend?


I’m working to implement digital transformation and FinTech at a Building Society. But why should I be part of this event?

  • FTT Virtual Building Societies will challenge convention and encourage innovative thinking on how to succeed with digital transformation in the current climate.
  • Building Societies will be able to drive the conversation on the potential of new technologies, showcasing achievements and demystifying any aspects of fintech you’ve yet to embrace.
  • Through targeted networking Building Societies can meet with those fintechs, start-ups and tech providers with specific solutions to your unique challenges and explore genuine potential for collaboration.


I’m from an innovative FinTech company and want to explore opportunities to collaborate with Building Societies. But what can I gain from being part of this event?

  • For technology providers the Building Society product timeline can appear seamless compared with a top-tier bank. The opportunity for collaboration is clear, but this isn’t an off-the-shelf sell.
  • FTT Virtual Building Societies will give fintechs the opportunity to really understand what Building Societies are looking for in a partnership. Through case-studies of successful implementations and discussions about the obstacles faced, we will explore how you can cater to a Building Societies unique needs and work alongside them to mutually create solutions.


Richard Wainwright, CEO of Mutual Vision sits down to talk with us about the importance of digital transformation for Building Societies. Building Societies need to embrace digital transformation to meet the needs of their members and investing in new technologies is essential. Hear from Richard and Mutual Vision partner, Ecology Building Society, on why they are employing disruptive technologies to improve services to clients.

  • Richard Wainwright, CEO, Mutual Vision
  • Paul Ellis, Chief Executive, Ecology Building Society

 A case study covering the forthcoming launch of the Beehive Money App, which combines class leading goals-based savings, including access to LISA’s and digital led whole of market mortgage advice – a first for a UK Building Society. 

  • David Marlow, Chief Executive Officer, Nottingham Building Society 

Credit Unions can often be behind the curve when it comes to digitisation. But this is changing. As the cost of transformation and digitising products and services becomes more affordable, many credit unions are now stepping into the 21st century and meeting the needs of more of their members. Capital Credit Union is one such credit union that is on the transformation journey which it believes is necessary in order to retain existing members and, importantly, attract new members.

  • Marlene Shiels OBE, CEO, Capital Credit Union

In a post-covid world it has rapidly become clear that environmental and social issues have a deep and direct influence on economic stability. Preparing for a low carbon economy can pose significant implications particularly on smaller building societies and credit unions. This session explores key ideas for revamping banking strategies to increase sustainability and drive membership onboarding. 

Embedding ESG into operational strategies, with a focus on the link between profits and people. 

How do you compete with global benchmarks? Exploring the Net Zero Banking Alliance and its trickle-down effects on smaller credit unions and building societies. 

  • Natasha Jones, Early Stage Investor, Octopus Ventures (moderator)
  • Luca Bertalot, Secretary General, European Mortgage Federation – European Covered Bond Council (EMF-ECBC) 
  • Emma Harvey, Programme Director, Green Finance Institute 
  • Steve Round, Chair, Ecology Building Society   

As digital transformation has swept across the financial services industry, hear how building societies are implementing methodologies such as DevOps and best practice for scaling out an agile work culture. Explore both the benefits and challenges that come with reorganising workplace culture, whilst optimising the delivery and speed of services to provide real help with real life. 

Examining the best methods to create multi-skilled teams to reduce cost and improve quality whilst increasing collaboration on problem solving. 

Promotion of continuous learning through experimentation, training, and professional development. 

Assessing key leadership skills and how to develop both short and long-term road maps to shine a light on the bigger picture. 

  • Rudolf Falat, Founder & Host of Voice of FinTech (moderator)
  • Rebecca Fitzgerald, Senior Manager, Technology Delivery, Yorkshire Building Society 
  • Chris McEvoy, Senior Solution Architect, Nationwide 

Dudley building society has operated as an independent mutual society since 1858. In this session, hear how building societies can take transformation in their stride and maintain mutuality at their core. Acknowledging that change is needed in response to the pandemic is crucial for survival, but the change must be sustainable and relevant to the market. Breaking down all areas of the building society’s transformation, we explore the benefits and challenges of innovation in a Society which powers the lives of the local community.

The benefits of taking a phased approach to digital transformation.

Developing an easy-to-use online channel as an additional element of the customer experience.

Working with a fintech supplier to navigate the most relevant digital tools.

  • Jeremy Wood, CEO, Dudley Building Society

A question facing all financial institution is how to address the future of branches. The pace of digital transformation and use of digital channels by customers accelerated during the pandemic. Explores how branches are evolving whilst maintaining the human touch  

The Branch Promise  how we Building Societies address the need of all customers.  

What is the role of the Branch Rep – how we are changing and multiskilling? 

How can Building Societies help ensure High Streets do not become ghost towns? 

  • Lisa Moyle, Director of Strategy / Co-founder, VC Innovations (moderator)
  • Jonathan Hull, Independent Consultant – Talent and Resourcing, Principality Building Society
  • David Marlow, Chief Executive Officer, Nottingham Building Society 
  • Stuart Fearn, Head of Customer Contact, Newcastle Building Society 
  • Jo Howes, Sales Director, FintechOS 

Currently in the pre-launch stage, the UK’s first regional, mutual banks can offer further financial inclusion and diversity, with the potential to grow the UK financial services sector. Hear about the benefits of the regional mutual banking model, the movement so far, common challenges faced by mutual organisations and the part that these banks can play in the future of mutual banking in the UK.

  • Tony Greenham, Director, Mutual Banks Association 

ESGs have been a huge talking point in recent years as the world seeks to drive a new environmentally friendly ecosystem. In this session Luca Bertalot, Secretary General of EMF-ECBC will establish how we can unlock the potential of the green economy, beginning with the greening of the housing market.  

He will also cover the benefits and opportunities for consumers and SMEs of a more sustainable financial services industry. This thought-provoking presentation provides delegates with food for thought on how their organisations can begin to make headway in the new ESG business environment. 

Unlocking the potential of greening the housing market, supporting the transition economy. 

Establishing a new ecosystem around green mortgages. 

Consumers and SME benefits and opportunities. 

Cooperation of public subsidies and private market incentives.

  • Luca Bertalot, Secretary General, European Mortgage Federation – European Covered Bond Council (EMF-ECBC)  

In recent years credit unions have been exploring new ways of leveraging technology to achieve more with less. In this panel, we discuss how credit unions can remain competitive and relevant as consumer expectations evolve and harness new technologies to enable them to keep pace with bigger banks. We will seek to identify the key five areas that are in greatest need of transformation and answer how can Credit Unions get ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving Fintech space, whilst maintaining financial balance and achieving membership satisfaction?  

Understanding what your members want – Pick and Mix digital capabilities. 

Discussing benefits of digital transformation within the core business model. 

The Big Five – Member Engagement, Products, Compliance, Workplace, Operations. 

  • John Haslam, Head of Member Engagement, Association of British Credit Unions (ABCUL)  (moderator)  
  • Ben West, Head of Business Development, London Mutual Credit Union 
  • Ciara Davies, CEO, Metro Moneywise Credit Union
  • Paul Norgrove, CEO, Serve and Protect Credit Union 
  • Phil Cole, CEO, Advance Credit Union  

This discussion and case study will focus on optimising digital as an enabler for protecting the building society legacy. 

We value conversation and maintaining strong customer relationships while drawing on the benefits of digital. 

Combining face to face and digital interactions can create exceptional personal experiences. 

We use digital to enhance real world human connections and conversations. 

  • Manila Mclean, CIO, Newcastle Building Society  

Life Credit Union has more than 39,000 members, making it one of the largest credit unions in Ireland. We explore how the credit union has adapted through the pandemic, rebuilt their digital platform and changed their banking strategy. Acknowledging that digital transformation is an ongoing journey, how do we shift internal processes, transition staff and provide simple, accessible and convenient products to members?

  • Karen Mulligan, CEO, Life Credit Union

As we close our event, we consider the future of Building Societies, Credit Unions and the Financial Services industry as a whole postpandemic. It appears that covid has driven transformation in way that hasn’t been seen before and organisations have had to adapt or perish as a mass of traditional services were forced to move online. But will this rapid change stagnate postpandemic? Or will societies and unions continue marching forward with their transformations? 

  • Jess Mager, Product and Growth Manager, VC Innovations (moderator)
  • Jonathan Moore, CEO, Stockport Credit Union 
  • Robert Thickett, Digital Policy Manager, Building Societies Association 

For customers, getting a mortgage is an important life event. Customers want a transparent, simple process and technologies can work to achieve this. In this panel, we explore the use of digital technologies to improve all stages of the customer journey.  

The right product for the right customer – guarantee quality data through open banking. 

Engagement and accessibility – ensuring products are accessible to every customer, with consistent engagement through digital solutions such as push notifications, instant messaging and educational platforms. 

Customer convenience – streamlining ID verification and electronic signatures. 

Working with proptechs to create a seamless home-buying process.  

  • Maria Harris, Director, Digital Cat Consultancy (moderator)  
  • John Penberthy-Smith, CCO, Saffron Building Society  

A deep dive into the opportunities and challenges of driving digital transformation in smaller building societies. Hear the personal experiences of both those who have successfully driven digital into their infrastructures, and those who are still on the journey. Explore the power of network collaboration and platformication to unlock significant revenue streams and create a personalised digital experience for members.

The benefits of pursuing platformication in Building Societies and the part mutuality plays when driving digital to deliver a seamless interconnected digital experience for members.

  • Brendan Gilmore, Managing Director, BPG Strategy (moderator)
  • Richard Wainwright, CEO, Mutual Vision
  • Tim Bowen, CEO, Penrith Building Society
  • Will Carroll, CEO, Monmouthshire Building Society
  • Rob Pheasey, CEO, Marsden Building Society
Financial institutions remain a prominent target for cyber-attacks. The pandemic and rapid increase in employees working from home has expanded the threat perimeter. Explores how a change in approach to cyber resilience and updating security can strengthen the first line of defence for building societies.

Security strategy – ensuring the Society is prepared for potential challenges and risks today and in the future.

Companywide inhouse employee training to reduce human error and significantly reduce the risk of a breach, as well as educating customers on risks such as fraud.

Planning and assessing for crisis events.

  • Andy Giles, Head of Security & Resilience Centre of Excellence, Nationwide
Explore how financial technology tools can support financial inclusion in the UK and beyond. Although building societies and credit unions are moving in the right direction for financial inclusion, there’s still more to be done. The use of technology does not necessarily imply more inclusive financial services and products – we need to look at how we use that technology in order to help not hinder the movement towards improved financial inclusion.
  • Faisel Rahman OBE, CEO & Founder, Fair Finance (moderator)
  • Mick McAteer, Co- Director, The Financial Inclusion Centre 
  • Emma Norledge, Deputy CEO, East Sussex Credit Union
  • Shân Millie, Founder, Bright Blue Hare

Anand Subbaraman, SVP and General Manager, Enterprise Retail – Product, Platform and Technology, Finastra sits down with Simon Beresford, CEO of Teachers Building Society to talk about the future of UK building societies, post-pandemic and some of the key challenges and opportunities for the mutual sector. Hear from Finastra client, Teachers Building Society, on how they have tackled digital transformation and utilised new technologies, with the help of their chosen technology partner.

  • Anand Subbaraman, SVP and General Manager, Enterprise Retail – Product, Platform and Technology, Finastra
  • Simon Beresford, CEO, Teacher’s Building Society
The 21st Century mutual. Why Open Finance brings customer engagement at low cost and without the need to offer a current account!

Expand services and solutions for customers – scaling out customer service with APIs.

  • Samantha Seaton, CEO, Moneyhub Enterprise (moderator)
  • Jonathan Hughes, Executive Chairman, OneBanks
  • Matt Cox, Head of Open Banking, Nationwide
  • Paul Goodwin, Key Account Director, Moneyhub Enterprise (formerly of Mercer)
In todays’ FinTech supplier market there are a multitude of choices when it comes to solutions and providers. Choosing an outsourced supplier can seem a daunting task. Explore how to source the right supplier and effectively leverage partnership and collaboration.

Ensuring the alignment of growth plans and culture?

The benefits of buy vs build.

  • Will Hackett, Head of Fintech Practice, Pangea (moderator)
  • Helene Panzarino, Associate Director, The London Institute of Banking & Finance
  • Richard Albery, Senior Procurement Manager, Nationwide Building Society
  • Callum Hay, Senior Sales Executive, FORM3

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Fireside chat - Digital Transformation in Building Societies

Energy efficient mortgages, supporting a green renaissance

Countdown to the Fintech Talents Festival

Building relevance amongst younger savers

Panel - Community-owned digital platforms; the benefits and challenges

Credit unions, digitise or die

Panel - The rise of green banking; putting your money where your values are

Panel - Exploiting speed whilst breaking silos

Powering lives through innovative change

Panel - The future of the branch

Fireside chat - Building the building society of the future

Envisioning the digital building society

Credit unions in the modern world

Diversifying the sector: the regional, mutual bank

Panel - The core areas targeted by credit unions for digital transformation

Modernising cyber security for new ways of working

Fireside chat - Mortgages: digital tools to meet every customer's needs

Panel - Dreaming of the future, exploring financial services opportunities

Panel - Navigating the fintech supplier market, where to begin?

Panel - Beyond open banking: open finance meets financial wellbeing

Panel - Driving financial inclusion with digital tools

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