The second edition of FTT Building Societies!

The Journey to Digital Transformation Continues - 22nd September 2021 at (9:00 am GMT)

At Fintech Talents we are on a mission to unite leaders from building societies, credit unions, technology providers and FinTechs – all with a vision to transform and future proof the UK’s mutual banking sector.

Join a community of innovators as we explore the obstacles and opportunities that lie ahead.






25 million

UK Customers served by 43 Building Societies


Satisfaction rate from Building Society customers

£290 billion

Held in savings with a Building Society


Of all UK mortgages provided by a Building Society

1/3 UK

Has a financial relationship with a Building Society

The Journey began with Innovation...

Responding to social need, Building Societies set out to offer something new – a collective way to help members achieve financial goals.

Fast forward over 200 years and Building Societies remain proud pillars of their communities. Regardless of scale, they are committed to providing services which meet genuine need and don’t leave anyone behind.

This purpose will not change any time soon. But the way in which they fulfill it will evolve.

No organization can escape the current pace of technological change. Digital solutions have quickly become an expected aspect of daily interactions, which the recent international pandemic has escalated to a necessity.

Each on a unique digital journey, Building Societies are looking to harness transformative technologies and fintech solutions, empowering them to continue delivering the best outcomes to current and future customers.

These institutions may be long-established, but their potential for innovation should not be overlooked.

Innovation is wherever you build it, and a digital future has infinite possibility.


Elliott Limb
Chief Customer Officer
Josh Rowland
Lead Bank
Nickki Johns
Head of Digital
Principality Building Society
Mick McAteer
Founder & Co-Director
Financial Inclusion Centre
Manila McLean
Chief Information Officer
Newcastle Building Society
Valerie Walwyn-Tait
Chief Executive Officer
Plane Saver Credit Union
John Salter
Head of Client Management
Kelly Wagner-Grull
Director of Innovation & Member Experience
Credit Union of Colorado
Ben Sampson
Director of Digital Programmes
Yorkshire Building Society
Lois Ollerenshaw
Venture Principal
Nationwide Building Society
Dean Waddingham
Chief Customer Officer
Hinckley & Rugby Building Society
Andrew Rabbitt
CEO and Co-Founder
Steve Round
Ecology Building Society
Phil Gosset
Head of Innovation
Nationwide Building Society
Maria Harris
Digital Cat Consultancy
Harry Keen
CEO & Co-Founder
Magdalena Krӧn
Rise Global FinTech Platform Director
Patrick Muir
Vice Chairman
Family Building Society
Michael Royce
Senior Policy & Proposition Manager
The Money and Pensions Service
Steven Marks
Business Development Director
Newcastle Strategic Solutions
Julia Streets
Founder and Chief Executive
Streets Consulting
Celine Allain
Senior BFSI Industry Lead
Jon Hull
Head of Resourcing Delivery
Sanjeev Pottay
Commercial Director
My Community Finance
Laura Camplisson
Product and Content Manager
James Barker
General Manager, United Kingdom & Ireland
Alex Beavis
Head of Mortgage Products
Skipton Building Society
George Winch
Senior Director, Partnerships
Gaurav Bose
Director, Solution Consulting
Matt Lowndes
Innovation Director
Mortgage Advice Bureau
Marloes Nicholls
Head of Programmes
Finance Innovation Lab
Brendan Gilmore
Banking & FinTech Consultant, Managing Director
BPG Strategy
Gareth McNab
Social Innovation Lead
Nationwide Building Society

400 VIP Attendees

Rockstar Speaker Line-Up

60 Building Societies & Credit Unions

100 Fintechs

Engaging Content Sessions

Live Interactive Networking



If customer confidence in the process can be built, Open Banking could present a real opportunity for data driven insights to inform the Building Society product offering. It has the potential to improve services and open the door to holistic wealth management.


Machine learning, digital identity, automation and other technologies could be set to shake up the world of residential mortgages and SME lending. How do these innovations fit into the process alongside experienced lenders and intermediaries?


Technology, while an enabler for some, may be an inhibitor for others. Even in a new world of remote working, the Building Society approach requires technology to augment, rather than replace the trusted human interaction many members value.


The challenges facing Building Societies as innovators vary depending on their structure, culture and scale. Which route – in-house development, 3rd party partnership, purchasing fintech – is best to overcome legacy, meet regulation and produce gradual, scalable change?


Building Societies look beyond efficiency and profitability, striving to only implement digital change which has measured, positive impacts for the communities they serve. How can innovation drive inclusion, diversity and sustainability, rather than being for innovation’s sake?


How can Building Societies develop their product offering to reflect an evolving socio-economic climate and a growing appetite for digital-first services. How can they bring on board the right digital expertise to make innovation work for staff and customers?


Panel - Innovation is wherever you build it

Panel - The changing landscape of lending

Panel - Is culture the key to digital success?

Panel - Accelerating innovation through partnerships

Panel - Customer at the heart of digital transformation

Panel - Driving financial wellness and resilience

Opening Keynote - Elliot Limb, Chief Customer Officer, Mambu

Interactive session - James Barker, General Manager, UK & Ireland, Mambu

Interactive session - George Winch, Senior Director, Partnerships, Zafin
& Gaurav Bose, Director, Solution Consulting, Zafin

Fireside chat - John Salter, Head of Client Management, ClearBank &
Andrew Rabbitt, CEO and Co-Founder, incuto


I’m working to implement digital transformation and FinTech at a Building Society. But why should I be part of this event?

  • FTT Virtual Building Societies will challenge convention and encourage innovative thinking on how to succeed with digital transformation in the current climate.
  • Building Societies will be able to drive the conversation on the potential of new technologies, showcasing achievements and demystifying any aspects of fintech you’ve yet to embrace.
  • Through targeted networking Building Societies can meet with those fintechs, start-ups and tech providers with specific solutions to your unique challenges and explore genuine potential for collaboration.


I’m from an innovative FinTech company and want to explore opportunities to collaborate with Building Societies. But what can I gain from being part of this event?

  • For technology providers the Building Society product timeline can appear seamless compared with a top-tier bank. The opportunity for collaboration is clear, but this isn’t an off-the-shelf sell.
  • FTT Virtual Building Societies will give fintechs the opportunity to really understand what Building Societies are looking for in a partnership. Through case-studies of successful implementations and discussions about the obstacles faced, we will explore how you can cater to a Building Societies unique needs and work alongside them to mutually create solutions.


  • Laura Camplisson, Product & Content Manager, VC INNOVATIONS

An opening keynote powered by our festival headliner Mambu.

  • Elliot Limb, Chief Customer Officer, Mambu

Building Societies strive to put their members at the heart of everything they do. Any digital innovation has to be driven by improved experience – creating meaningful interaction and a seamless journey for customers. Discover how mobile apps, digital identity solutions and conversational AI are enhancing every stage of the relationship between a building society and its members.

  • Ben Sampson, Director of Digital Programmes, Yorkshire Building Society
  • Manila McLean, Chief Information Officer, Newcastle Building Society
  • Celine Allain, Senior BFSI Industry Lead, Bold360
  • Phil Gosset, Head of Innovation, Nationwide
  • Moderator: Brendan Gilmore, Managing Director, BPG Strategy

Mortgage lending is a long-term, core service provided by Building Societies, who are able to offer unique and complex products depending on specific customer circumstances. Many societies are now looking to implement new technologies to work alongside trained mortgage advisors and create a better journey for customers, brokers and lenders.

  • Alex Beavis, Head of Mortgage Products, Skipton Building Society
  • Matt Lowndes, Innovation Director, Mortgage Advice Bureau
  • Moderator: Maria Harris, Director, Digital Cat Consultancy

Discover how Principality Building Society designed a digital response to allow their members to apply for mortgage payment holidays, supporting them through an unprecedented time of personal and financial upheaval.

  • Nickki Johns, Head of Digital, Principality Building Society

Discover the digital journey taken by Lead Bank, a community bank based in Kansas City, in the United States. Explore challenges, goals and experiences in common with the mutual banking sector in the UK.

  • Josh Rowland, Chief Executive Officer, Lead Bank

Hear from smaller building societies, credit unions and community banks with their eyes on the horizon, as they prepare to pivot towards digital. What are the necessary first steps to getting started on this journey? How can organisations overcome organisational challenges, cut through the hype surrounding new technology and embrace the right digital drivers for success.

  • Josh Rowland, Chief Executive Officer, Lead Bank
  • Dean Waddingham, Chief Customer Officer, Hinckley & Rugby Building Society
  • Valerie Walwyn-Tait, Chief Executive Officer, Plane Saver Credit Union
  • Moderator: Laura Camplisson, Product and Content Manager, VC INNOVATIONS

Creating the foundations of a digital culture, where innovation is embraced and the right talent brought on board, could allow Building Societies to accelerate transformation. How can an innovation mindset work alongside existing structural, cultural and regulatory constraints and bring about change?

  • George Winch, Senior Director, Partnerships, Zafin
  • Steve Round, Chair, Ecology Building Society
  • Kelly Wagner-Grull, Director of Innovation & Member Experience, Credit Union of Colorado
  • Jon Hull, Head of Resourcing Delivery, Nationwide Building Society
  • Moderator: Julia Streets, Founder & Chief Executive, Streets Consulting

Digital transformation needs to enhance and not take away from the mission Building Societies are trusted to deliver on – driving financial inclusion and resilience and empowering members to reach financial goals at all stages of their lives. Can innovation have a measured, positive impact on the communities Building Societies serve, rather than being for innovation’s sake?

  • Gareth McNab, Social Innovation Lead, Nationwide
  • Mick McAteer, Foundation and Co-Director, The Financial Inclusion Centre
  • Patrick Muir, Vice Chairman, Family Building Society
  • Michael Royce, Senior Policy and Propositions Manager, The Money and Pensions Service
  • Moderator: Marloes Nicholls, Head of Programmes, The Finance Innovation Lab

The million-dollar question – how can smaller institutions leverage the benefits of wider transformation across the financial services industry? Can Building Societies make use of Open Banking or work in partnership with FinTechs to quickly bring digital services into play and expand their product offering.

  • Lois Ollerenshaw, Venture Principal, Nationwide Building Society
  • Sanjeev Pottay, Commercial Director, My Community Finance
  • Harry Keen, CEO and Co-Founder, Hazy
  • Steven Marks, Business Development Director, Newcastle Strategic Solutions
  • Moderator: Magdalena Kron, Rise Global FinTech Platform Director, Barclays

Join James Barker from Mambu for an interactive discussion session focusing on how building societies and credit unions can leverage composable banking to thrive in times of uncertainty.

  • James Barker, General Manager, UK & Ireland, Mambu

Join Gaurav Bose and George Winch from Zafin to discover how to understand your products better, bring new products to market quicker with full regulatory control and offer products to your members at relationship-based prices. With loyalty-based rewards and tailored product bundles, there is the potential to provide a rich digital experience that members cannot get from the high street.

  • George Winch, Senior Director, Partnerships, Zafin
  • Gaurav Bose, Director, Solution Consulting, Zafin

In this interactive Fireside chat, John Salter from ClearBank and Andrew Rabbitt, incuto will discuss the important role Community Banks have played, and continue to play, during the current COVID-19 crisis. The pair will also look ahead to consider what Community Banks can do to make themselves the go-to for people’s banking needs in the future.

  • John Salter, Head of Client Management, ClearBank
  • Andrew Rabbitt, CEO and Co-Founder, incuto


In these difficult times we want to bring our community together and make distance irrelevant. Virtual festival tickets give you acess to the exhibition area, content and networking sessions, and are free through the application process below. Together we are stronger!


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