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Fintech Stories

“Did you know that the average server utilisation in an enterprise, according to Gartner, is only between five to 15 percent. They also reckon that only around 30 percent of all servers that are turned on and installed in data centres are never used,” says Gareth Williams CEO of YellowDog. “And yet your data is getting bigger, your models more complex, the regulatory requirements more stringent and onerous than ever before. YellowDog can help you deliver those results faster than ever before.”

Fintech Sit-down

“My biggest startup lesson, I have to say I have three. So they are: Don’t give up. Second one is, use your network. And finally find those first believers – it could be your first employee it could be your first funder, but you need those believers to help you on your journey,” says Gareth Williams CEO of YellowDog.

The unlimited power of 'The Pack'

Risk and financial modelling, anti-money laundering (AML), and stress tests all require a massive amount of computing power. Gareth Williams, CEO of YellowDog discusses how they harness the power of ‘The Pack’ (available and underutilised computers in the cloud) in order to unleash unlimited computing power to allow their clients to improve operational efficiency, reduce risk and save money.


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