What are the current challenges in fintech?

We caught up with some members of the FinTECHTalents Steering Committee to get their insight into the challenges across the fintech ecosystem for academia, financial institutions, tech providers and start-ups.


Gilad Amir


Why open banking is the most significant change in banking in the last 250 years

Philip Treleaven

Director of Computer Sciences and Mathematics Phd Programme, UCL

Talent pipeline of the future

Sumesh Vijayakumar

Transformation Director, Allianz

Leveraging skills in insurtech

Pol Navarro

TSB Digital Transformation Director

The talent gap in fintech

Theo Lau

Fintech Leader, Unconventional Ventures

The digital pressures on banks and how diversity will give the best solutions

Igor Volzhanin

 CEO of Datasine

The requirements for a successful career in fintech

Senior Lecturer


Tech talent and tech skills shortage

Ceri Godwin

CIO, Risktech, Santander

The application of technology in banking

Jack Parsons

Big Youth Group

How businesses can get involved in the talent of tomorrow

Aaron Phethean


Why it's important to connect with industry on multiple levels

Rohini Kumar

Deputy Director, DIT

UK as a leading fintech hub

Liz Lumley

Global Fintech Leader, Girl Disrupted 

Diversity in fintech and why companies need to close the talent gap

Tanya Andreasyan

MD & Editor-in-Chief, FinTech Futures

AI and robotics in fintech


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