Terry Cordeiro

Head of Product Management – Applied Science and Intelligent Products, Lloyds Banking Group

A senior professional passionate about Digital, Product Management, Innovation and Design, recently voted one of the 50 most innovative and powerful people in European digital financial services. Co-author for the Fintech Book, the worlds first crowd sourced book on Fintech.

Terry has over 15 years Product Management, Solution Design and Proposition Development experience in technology areas such as fixed voice, VoIP, mobile banking/payments architecture and software design.

Inspired by the likes of Steve Jobs and Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Terry is fueled by the belief that the right combination of insight, technology and customer experience can really change the way we go about our daily lives. Terry has a passion for creating experiences that provide positive emotions and am excited by developing ground breaking solutions that will influence the way we behave and interact.

Specialties: Product Management, Product Marketing, Product Development, Partnership Strategy, Product Strategy, Telecoms, Mobile Applications, Mobile Service, Innovation, Mobile Banking, NFC/ Contactless, Mobile Payments, Mobile Solution Design, New Propositions,