Lianna Brinded

Head of UK, Yahoo Finance

I am a passionate and dedicated journalist and editor that has successfully built teams and newsrooms from scratch and led them onto be some of the most successful in the online world. This has led to myself and my teams, being shortlisted for various awards over the years.

My experience has been drawn across a wide range of media platforms from online, video, TV production, magazine (monthly), newspapers and newswires. I also have strong experience in video presenting and producing and make regular appearances on radio and TV.

I have a strong background in business, finance and politics and have versatility across alternative areas such as social movements, human interest, women in the city, technology, gaming, and culture.

I am a digital native that knows the power of social media and SEO for prime content and for pushing businesses and journalism forward and have participated in numerous roundtable events and conferences to express this – as well as improving existing publications online by the use of my skills in digital content, video & audio, SEO and social media.

I’m passionate about using any platform I have to promote diversity and inclusion and find ways to help various communities, which includes being active within employee resource groups as well as external foundations and panels and charities.