Riskinnov provides risk analysis, assessment and forecasting and helps you assessing the risks you are and/or will be facing.

Fintech Stories

“This business has two problems - the first problem is common to many industries and that is to put the client at the centre of the business,” says Bertrand Munier, CEO and Founder, Riskinnov. “The other issue is to maintain, and to increase, profitability even though regulation is on the rising trend and competition as well.”

Fintech Sit-down

“The biggest startup lesson is two-fold, you have to know what you want to do, exactly. To do that you need to have a team that really believes in what they have to do,” says Bertrand Munier, CEO and Founder, Riskinnov. “You don’t want to impose a single culture among your team, but you have to accept that there will be some sub-cultures to make innovation really grow and be maintained in your own organisation.”

Game-changers in the risk management space


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