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Fintech Stories

“Sadly, for the world of financial services, life isn’t just memes,” says William Hackett, business development VP at Pushfor. “Accidentally or maliciously leaking information to the wrong person can result in catastrophic results. So when it comes to sharing sensitive information banks get serious. And unfortunately, for the user experience serious means it tends to get ugly and it gets incredible frustrating to use.“It is these two worlds of consumer desires and regulatory compliance that Pushfor is looking to harmonise."

Fintech Sit-down

“My personal biggest startup lesson, coming from the corporate world is that priorities and focus is actually number one and if you can find out what your client wants as your priority and really focus on that immediately you are going to be able to differentiate your business pretty fast,” says William Hackett, business development VP at Pushfor.

The Importance of secure communications during mergers & acquisitions

PushFor demonstrates the power of security by design to mitigate risks in the mergers & acquisitions process. Pushing – rather than sending sensitive information – allows mobile executives to collaborate and share sensitive information safely.


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