Fintech gathers under one Big Tent

The Fintech Talents Festival 2022

The largest and most impactful Fintech festival in the UK

14th & 15th November 2022, The Brewery, London

A festival of visionary ideas, practical innovation and deep dives into solving industry problems from a wide spectrum of financial services.  

A fintech festival featuring over 2,000 live festival goers, as well as a large virtual audience, including global financial institutions represented by innovation and digital transformation leaders, fintech companies and technology enablers. 

Fintech event london

Fintech Talents Festival 2021 Highlights

For those of you that are missing the atmosphere of the festival, we have put together a video showcasing the best bits

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Content, Community & Experiences

The Fintech Talents Festival is not an event – but a community. C-Level executives mingle with startup founders to debate and discuss the conventional wisdom of the day at our Big Question and Big Ideas stages. Our community will drill down to deeper into issues around tech and culture in our engaging Discussion Room format.  Smart networking is being part of an engaged community where your next business partner is curated and introduced to you. Smart, knowledgeable about your business and dedicated to your needs.

Fintech event london

Smoothie Bar

If craft beer or coffee isn't your thing, a smoothie might be the way forward. Thank our sponsors Invest Northern Ireland for a healthy option.

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Fintech event london

Craft Beer Festival

Our craft beer sessions allow you to sample some of the greatest beers from across the UK whilst networking with strategic partners.

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fintech event london
fintech event london

Music Stage

Fintech Talents will present live music acts throughout the festival, showcasing talented new international and local artists.

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The Fintech Experience

World class mentors, offering a range of advice to startups, will be on hand for 1-1 meetings with fintech delegates in an exclusive, dedicated space at the festival. 

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Barista Bar 

Coffee is even better IRL. Whether yours is a double espresso, a classic cappuccino or an iced caramel latte, get fueled up for the future of fintech at our Barista station.

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Cocktail Party

What better way to wind down from a day of inspiring content and smart networking than a beautifully crafted cocktail at the Festival’s Cocktail Bar. Continue to connect, discuss and debate or simply kickback and relax. 

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Fintech event
Fintech event

Festival Agenda

The Big Ideas and The Big Questions – all under the Big Fintech Tent

Day one

The Big Questions:

Where is the financial services industry today? What are the barriers? What tech are we missing? Who is shaping 2021 for FinTech?  

  • Liz Lumley, Technology Editor, The Banker

Since the start of FinTech as an internationally recognised sector, the UK has maintained a reputation as, if not the global capital of FinTech, then one of a handful of significant and mature hubs. In the midst of pandemic lockdowns, Brexit negotiations and new government, the UK embarked on a Treasury-sanctioned FinTech Review with objectives for supporting the growth and widespread adoption of UK FinTech, and for maintaining the UK’s global FinTech reputation.

What are the numbers, the funding rounds, the acquisitions and partnerships? How many one-horned, mythical creatures are to be found running around this sceptred isle and do we expect to see more?

  • Ron Kalifa, OBE, Chairman, Network International  
  • Joanne Dewar, CEO, Global Processing Services 
  • Charlotte Crosswell, Chair and Trustee, Open banking
  • John Stewart, Global Head of Scouting and Research, Natwest 
  • Brendan Gilmore, MD, BPG Strategy (moderator)  

Open banking is about bringing value to the customer and better financial services to support people’s lifestyles. But what if the customer doesn’t know it, let alone understand it?

In the early stages this definition got lost and the industry began using terms like open and REST APIs and PSD2. As a result, consumers have little comprehension, and, importantly, no trust and this branding problem has hampered innovation and the roll out of open banking.

  • Scott Wilson, Commercial VP, Mambu

Payment ecosystems for Merchants and SaaS providers can now be customized as never before. Optimization offers features formerly available only to larger companies or with significant developer resources in a single low-code integration. Driving revenue, reducing costs, and increasing accepted payment methods are only the beginning of what firms can realize

  • Philip Andrew Sjogren, Sr. Product Marketing Manager , Very Good Security

Many traditional financial services firms have realised that the vast amount of legacy technology, infrastructure and even culture make it near impossible to develop new innovative digital products and companies. The answer for many is to create a startup, in house – maintaining access to capital and resources but effectively developed as a separate entity.

Here we discuss the down and dirty details of building a bank.

  • Ken Johnstone, Chief Product Officer, Mettle 
  • Ivan Mazzoleni, Cultural Energy Orchestrator, Flowe 
  • Michael Anyfantakis, Chief Architect, Capital One 
  • Anna Porra, European Strategy Director, Marqeta (moderator) 

‘Do no harm’ Does the financial services industry need its own Hippocratic oath?

From the recent guidelines laid down by the EU regarding AI, to the FCA offering guidance on the fair treatment of vulnerable customers the industry is now taking a proactive approach looking at how emerging technology and business practices impact real life humans.

Our senior leaders discuss the work being done today, how regulators are leading the narrative and why in a COVID recovery world these conversations are more important than ever.

  • Gavin Kelly, Chief Executive Officer, Retail at Bank of Ireland 
  • Diana Carrasco, Managing Director, Head of Merchant Services, Lloyds Banking Group 
  • Kahina Van Dyke, Global Head, Digital Channels & Data Analytics, Standard Chartered Bank 
  • Frank Cooper, Senior Managing Director & Global Chief Marketing Officer, Blackrock  
  • Joerg Guenther, Managing Director, Global Co-Head of Securities Services Operations & Technology, Citi
  • Louise Smith, Chief Digital Officer, Lloyd’s 
  • Nina Mohanty, CEO, Bloom Money (Moderator) 

Emerging technology, disruptive innovation and finding the right tools, for the right hands in order to build a better world.  

  • Dr. Melissa Sassi, Chief Penguin, IBM Z Systems

Much like most of us know diets never work on the path to health and physical fitness – real positive change needs a full lifestyle change that does not have an end date. How can digital and transformation be embedded in long term goals and day to day activities at our financial players?

What does ‘digital first’ actually mean?

As banks and financial institutions take the long view of what shape they will take in the near and distant future – have we seen and end to the ‘digital transformation project’?

  • Thea Loch, Head of Strategic Shaping, Lloyds Banking Group
  • Helen Bierton, Chief Banking Officer, Starling
  • Mercedes Clark-Smith, Head of Design and Validation, NS&I
  • Chris Worle, Chief Digital Officer, Hargreaves Lansdown
  • Stephen Wishart, Director of Fintech, TransUnion (UK) 

How do you manage the foundations of the organisation, so all the lights stay on in legacy and all that cool innovation actually works?

  • Arkaprabha (Arka) Sircar, Director of Strategy at TSB Bank    
  • Derek Smith, Head of Digital Solutions – CIO, Virgin Money 
  • Yasamin Karimi, Head of Product, Codat
  • Christopher Harrison, Chief Executive Officer, Furness Building Society
  • Robin AmlotManaging Editor, IBS Journal (moderator) 

At Rise, created by Barclays we run a free monthly mentoring programme for FinTech startups, where entrepreneurs can connect on a 1:1 basis with some of the industry’s top experts on a wide range of topics. This year, we’re bringing our mentoring programme to the FinTech Talents Festival, and as one of the speakers featuring at the festival – we’d love to invite you get involved! This is a fantastic opportunity to expand your network, and share your knowledge with some of the most exciting scaling FinTech startups on a 1:1 basis. Over the two hour period, you will meet with four pre-allocated FinTechs, information on each will have been shared with you beforehand.

Interested in getting involved, or want to know more? Please reach out to Grace Batchelor, Rise FinTech Platform Manager at Barclays.

From seed to IPO, learn from fintech leaders on structuring to scale.  

  • Andy Hirst, VP and Head of Financial Services EMEA North, SAP (Moderator) 
  • Nicolas Pelletier, CEO, Pledg
  • Stephen Lemon, Co-Founder, Strategic Partnerships & Corporate Development, Currencycloud
  • Martin Threakall, COO, Yapily
  • Daniel Drummer, CFO, AuxMoney
  • Francesca Hodgson, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, GoodBox 

Financial services have long been an essential service – this has been brought into sharp focus in our current COVID environment. How do we design financial products and create experiences that serves every customer – including those who have specific needs around accessibility, mobility, and neurodiversity.  

  • Rachel Vann, Senior Manager, Responsible Business, Lloyds Banking Group 
  • Natalie Ledward, Head of Vulnerable Customers, Monzo 
  • Andrew Larking, UX & Digital Design Lead, Vanquis Bank 
  • Steven Habbi, Global Head of Brand Design and Management, HSBC  
  • Meaghan Johnson, CEO, Digital Magss (Moderator)  

Now that cloud environments have found a place in many incumbent financial institutions – how are firms dealing with the fast pace of emerging tech, while maintaining and innovating? 5G – What impact will it have on how financial services is developed and delivered? Quantum Computing - What is it – What does it impact?  What does AI and machine learning promise for financial services? 

  • Ange Johnson de Wet, Head of Cloud and Technology Change Risk, Technology and Transformation, Conduct, Compliance and Operational Risk, Risk Division, Lloyds Banking Group  
  • Sarah Greasley, CTO, Direct Line 
  • Derek Freel, Google Cloud UK Head of FinTech, Google 
  • Emily Nicolle, Fintech Correspondent – Financial News, Dow Jones

Day two

The Big Ideas :

Where is the financial services industry headed? What emerging tech, business models and changing culture can we look forward to in the future? 

  • Liz Lumley, Technology Editor, The Banker

FinTech is a disruptive force set to unbundle and dismantle traditional financial services. FinTech is a set of companies, newly formed, that used emerging tech and innovative business models. FinTech is everywhere and every company will be one. FinTech is a living ecosystem of incumbent players, startups, progressive tech providers and forward-looking thinkers seeking to make financial services better.

FinTech, the portmanteau of financial technology, has had many definitions over the years.

Is the media narrative of FinTech – our lived reality? Have financial services become better in the past decade? Where are the truly transformative companies and successful partnerships? Why do we, as an industry, continue to have the same conversations around innovation, progress and meeting the needs of the customers year after year after year … with very little change?

Have we all just woken up from the era of FinTech in 2021 and found it has all been a dream?

  • Nick Fahy, Chief Executive Officer, Cynergy Bank 
  • Claire Calmejane, Chief Innovation Officer, Société Générale 
  • Charlotte Halkett, Chief Commercial Officer, Bought By Many
  • Jason Oakley, CEO, Recognise Bank 
  • Dr Melissa Sassi, Chief Penguin, IBM Z Systems
  • Liz Lumley (moderator) 

With the price of bitcoin rising from $4K in March 2020 to $60K in March 2021, cryptocurrencies proved to be the asset to hold through the COVID-19 pandemic. However, despite the decreasing risk and increasing scarcity of bitcoin, European investors were more likely to sell than their North American counterparts, who opted to buy.  In this presentation, Chainalysis’s Chief Economist Philip Gradwell will quantify the latest market trends using unique blockchain data to help European investors capitalize on future opportunities as cryptocurrencies evolve.

  • Philip Gradwell, Chief Economist, Chainalysis 
  • Joon Ian Wong, Consulting Editor, The Street

The most disruptive force in financial service, is now at the forefront of international banks, the art world and making bank with internet memes – can we all sit down and have an adult conversation?

This panel will discuss the development of stable coins at central and global banks, the emergence of crypto as a mainstream asset class, the legitimacies to be found in the circus around coins like Dogecoin and NFTs.

  • Rene Michau, Head of Fintech Client Advisory, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Christopher Kiew-Smith, Chief Compliance Officer, ‎Zodia by Standard Chartered
  • Teana Baker-Taylor, Chief Policy Officer at the Digital Chamber of Commerce
  • Monica Sah, Partner, Clifford Chance LLP
  • Matthew Gardiner, Founder, A1 AI (moderator)

Competition has never been higher to invest in category-defining companies, but with valuations, skyrocketing and a new breed of investors entering the market the landscape is changing. How can investors stand out from the crowd and give their portfolio an edge? We’ve gathered a range of investors from VC, PE and Corporate Venture to share their perspective and talk through the capital tools available, cultural impact and what happens if the music does stop.

  • Tom Bussey, Investment Director, Strategic Innovation Investments, HSBC Ventures
  • Juliette Souliman, VC Investor, MMC Ventures
  • James Dickerson, client partner, Motive Partners
  • Will Hackett, Head of FinTech Practice, Pangea (moderator)

Team building, entrepreneurship, strategic growth – our community gathers to discuss all that makes us creative, driven and human.  

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) propositions are now mainstream and impact investment, talent attraction and retention, and corporate reputations. All have direct links to higher value creation and could unlock more international investing – not to mention impact society at large.

Who is leading the way?

  • Paul Noble, Chief Commercial Officer, Tandem Bank 
  • Jemma Waters, Head of Responsible Transformation – ESG in Tech; Data, Design and Digital, Lloyds Banking Group
  • Stephen Watson, Head of Proposition, Cushon 
  • Rita Martins, Head of FinTech Partnerships, HSBC (Moderator)

Many companies fly the rainbow flag during Pride month, showcase their commitment to accessible workspaces and reach out to attract more talent from black and other POC groups. What is the experience of those who match with diversity and inclusion goals once they step inside an organisation and start working and continue growing their careers? One person political is someone else’s personal. A demographic label is an identity for millions of individuals. An inconsequential environment for one person is a tense, anxious, and often dangerous one for others. Who gets to decide the official viewpoint on all of that?

The question isn’t ‘are we allowed to bring their full selves to work’ but who feels confident to do so?

  • Kwasi Affum, Impact Assessment, Group Strategy, Barclays
  • Ellie Brown, Cyber Programme Delivery, Santander UK
  • Chris McEvoy an Autistic Senior Architect, Nationwide Building Society 
  • Bridget Greenwood, Founder, The Bigger Pie
  • Julia Streets, Host of DiverCity Podcast & CEO of Streets Consulting (moderator)

What that means from an operational, software engineering, designing etc…point of view. How do individuals and groups work within this idea of ‘Learning to learn’ within the greater goal of future planning and maintaining the bank.

Four senior leaders from Lloyds Banking Group gather to examine Learning from an Engineering, Operational, IT and Design point of view.

  • Rabia Mahmood, Senior Software Engineer, Lloyds Banking Group
  • Victoria Sparey, Senior Workforce Capability Manager, Lloyds Banking Group
  • Paola Miani, Head of Design Culture, Design Strategy & Operations, Group Transformation, Lloyds Banking Group
  • Liz Lumley, Technology Editor, The Banker

Running a team, building a business, or just being influential in FinTech. What makes a good (and a bad) FinTech Leader. This interactive, workshop style session aims to find out.

  • Shân Millie, Founder, Bright Blue Hare
  • Kate Bohn, Innovation – Incubator & Accelerator lead, Lloyds Banking Group

Disruption is never planned, and innovation is not static. In 2020, we didn’t hibernate or disappear, and we didn’t shrink our offerings.
We expanded. We are not back (we never went anywhere), but we can’t wait to share a beer with you.

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Future Identity is a dedicated community exploring the latest initiatives, technologies and concepts driving the development of Digital Identity.

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