Password protected: The door to digital life

16th March 2021 9.30am (GMT)

What is this virtual roundtable about?

It is often said that we would never leave our front doors unlocked, but we effectively do just that in today’s digital world. The shift to remote working has increased the amount of business critical data and essential services that reside online. These are far too often left vulnerable due to weak and duplicated passwords. Humans, it turns are not good at remembering dozens of strong passwords and are susceptible to social engineering attacks.

Organisations are often stuck between seemingly opposing goals: How to reduce the risk of data breaches, with their inherent operating and reputational costs without increasing the friction to users work through the enterprise implementation of a modern password policy? How can enterprises best protect themselves, their data, and their end users identities while removing friction from accessing essential services necessary to the business?

Join us for what promises to be a lively and interactive virtual roundtable and share your views as to how the guardians of our private data and gate keepers to access to services can better protect end users.

This event will be held under the Chatham House Rule.

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Key learnings


  • Understanding customer behaviour to enhance security.


  • Easing the customer and employee journey while ensuring protection.

Fraud reduction

  • How to reduce fraud and the exposure to bad actors.


Rossa Malone
Senior Enterprise SM
David Sirignano
VP Security (CISO)
Robert Baugh
Andrew Larking
Lead UX & UI Designer
Vanquis Bank
Lisa Moyle
Director of Strategy
VC Innovations


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