iDenfy is an online identity verification company, helping to reduce frauds and makes business smoother and more profitable.

Fintech Stories

"What we are doing is doing verification through receiving photos. So the customers of our partners are making photos from their cameras for verification," says Gediminas Ratkevicius. CEO & Co-Founder at iDenfy. "The average process takes less than 30 seconds."

Fintech Sit-down

"If you have a good team you can be flexible and adapt to the market," says Gediminas Ratkevicius. CEO & Co-Founder at iDenfy.

Working to prevent identity theft and money laundering

We speak to Gediminas Ratkevičius, CEO & Co-Founder of iDenfy about how they are tackling KYC compliance and fraud reduction in finanncial services.


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