Powering the future of payments

Fintech Stories

“Two years ago, we built a new platform, a cloud platform, a native cloud platform, that delivers a technology capability to banks and to FinTechs, whether they are from the UK, from the US, from Europe,” says Adam Moulson, chief customer officer at Form3. “But it is to move Sterling currency in real time. So that those financial institutions can, for themselves, for their customers can offer that service and compete with the 24 others [who are connected to the Faster Payments platform].”

Fintech Sit-down

“The biggest lesson that we learned is just our dependency on other organisations,” says Adam Moulson, chief customer officer at Form3. “We found that we can move fast than our clients, we can move faster than our partners, and while that is an asset it is a little bit of a problem as well. Because you want to product how long things are going to take and in reality, it always takes a lot longer than you think.”

Powering the future of payments

While payments are often seen as a commoditised service – the reality in the back end is much more complex. Form3 talks us through providing payments as a service for financial institutions and regulated FinTechs.

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