Beyond COVID-19: How will banking take shape in the ‘new normal’?

A ‘Vox Pop Report’ sponsored by FintechOS 

Disruption has been a buzz word in many industries, including financial services for some time. In the old world, innovators were the purveyors of this change. Today’s current environment will have a dramatic impact on both challenger and incumbent financial institutions alike.  

How is the financial industry responding to the global pandemic? How are customer needs being met? What will be the ‘new normal’ for banking – from a customer-centric point of view – post COVID-19? 

Along with our partner, FintechOS, we aimed to gather a snapshot of views and insights from senior leaders in our industry to determine how our industry is being shaped during these unusual times.  

We asked our ‘Vox Pop’ featured leaders the following questions:  

  • What has been the top technology/operational challenges your organisation has faced since the start of the pandemic? 
  • Has the Coronavirus accelerated digital transformation efforts in your organisation? If yes – how? 
  • How is your organisation supporting customers who have a harder time migrating to an all-digital environment?
  • Have you accelerated any products to meet customer needs that rose to the surface because of COVID-19? 
  • What are your plans for the post-COVID-19 world? What services and technology do you think will be needed to serve customers, post-crisis?  
  • Personally, what is your opinion on what does the ‘new normal’ look  like?  



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