2022 Fintech Predictions

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Fintech Talents and Finastra would love to know your predictions for the 2022 financial landscape.

What are your thoughts for the Environmental, Social, and Governance landscape and how that will affect the way that investors analyze and identify risks within growth opportunities?

Embedded finance is not just a financial fad, it is the future. How will the financial industry use embedded finance going forward and what are the key factors to keep an eye on in the next year?

Decentralized finance is eliminating the need for trusted intermediaries and promises to rearchitect financial services as we know it. Will decentralized finance change financial services for good, both in terms of the infrastructure and currencies? Where will the impact be felt initially and how fast will the future arrive?

How will platformification evolve to continue to change the way customers access banking and other financial services? What are the behaviors and technologies driving the creation of platforms and how will their impact be felt across the industry?

Let us know your thoughts using the boxes below. Please do feel free to make predictions for one or all of the key themes, it is your choice. 

The DEADLINE for all predictions is 7th January.


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