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Fintech Talents Road Trip

17th April 2023, The Peninsula, Paris

First stop - Paris

On tour with the global ecosystem in our sights, Fintech Talents sets off on a road trip to explore financial services innovation in Paris, Stockholm, and Berlin. Join us for one leg or on every stop of the Fintech Talents Road Trip.

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Think local, act global: financial innovation in France

For the first stop of our 2023 tour, we are in the Paris – centre of innovation and financial services in France - on Monday 17th April

We are bringing together an innovative community of financial institutions positioned for change, ambitious start-ups, and technology innovators to delve into the impact on the French financial services industry

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Key themes

Open Banking

The pressure to open up data will extend open banking to open finance. With technological innovations, changes in demand, and the arrival of new players, join us to find out what will the path look like beyond open banking.

Evolution of

Achieving total CX - the connected customer wants simplicity, security and ease. Bringing together key innovative technologies will be the answer to winning the loyalty of consumers and businesses, and best-in-class customer journeys.

The future of

France: The country where cards continue to be the preferred payment method yet  new methods are on the rise with instant payments gaining ground and BNPL expected to grow rapidly. What kinds of solutions will be trending in the next few years?

Innovation in

Digital first banks and innovative new providers are bringing financial services to those previously excluded from the system. They are rapidly disrupting lending - what can traditional banks learn from the new challengers? And, will regulatory requirements hinder their progress?

Next gen

The rise of embedded marks a new era, not only for established providers but also for how consumers and businesses access and manage relationships with financial services more broadly. Who is leading the tech revolution?

Green finance &
ethical investing

The sector has seen the emergence of financial models that better integrate sustainability issues and ethical investment. But more businesses need the tools and technologies to create impact and to measure the outcomes to ensure that 'green sheen' becomes true change.

Headline sponsor


Martin Sladecek
Director of Digital Strategic Studies
Société Générale
Lisa Moyle
Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer
VC Innovations
Jules Veyrat
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Adrien Touati
Chief Executive Officer
Claire Calmejane
Chief Innovation Officer
Société Générale
Emma Malha
Thierry Vignal
Jeff Parker
Managing Director International
François-Julien Alcaraz
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Faustine Fleuret
Andréa Ganovelli
Alexandre Roubaud
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Dominique Rodrigues
Chief Technology Officer
Maeva Courtois
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Pierre-Antoine Vacheron
Chief Executive Officer Payments
Groupe BPCE
Veronique Steiner
Executive Director - High Growth Tech
J.P. Morgan
Nicolas Ferreira
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Finance Innovation
Marc Braun
Country Manager, France and the Netherlands
Scalable Capital
Nicolas Pelletier
Deborah Yang
CEO & Co-Founder
Mickael De Sa
Chief Digital Officer
Allianz Trade
Romain de Maud'huy
Group Head of Insurance
Arbia Smiti
Founder & CEO
Remco Jorna
Christian Rau
Senior VP Fintech & Crypto Enablement Europe
Fabrice Pomiers
Head of Business Development
Nima Karimi
Jordane Guily
Sophie Marot-Rémy
VP Partnership & Product Marketing
Luis Miguel Escudeiro
Head of Loans Product
Antoine Ferahian
Head of Strategy & Operations


Lisa Moyle, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, VC Innovations

Claire Calmejane, Chief Innovation Officer, Société Générale

Financial services have undergone a deep transformation in recent years, one such change being the rise of banking-as-a-service (BaaS). In Europe, BaaS is growing at a significant rate and is expected to grow 3 times in the next few years. But what does this look like in France and how does it compare to the rest of Europe?

Jeff Parker, Managing Director International, Marqeta
Pierre-Antoine Vacheron, Chief Executive Officer Payments, Groupe BPCE

The market has enormous potential, and innovation. French innovators, in particular, have been driving the growth of embedded finance across Europe. Customers increasingly expect financial services to be invisible. Whether they’re online shopping, getting a taxi or booking a holiday, the financial solution needs to be digitally convenient, contextualised and integrated seamlessly into the experience. 

  • Beyond payments and the lending opportunity 
  • Growing strategic partnerships among market players 
  • How to capture the value 

Moderator: Veronique Steiner, Exec Director – High Growth Tech, J.P. Morgan
Adrien Touati, Chief Executive Officer,
Pierre-Antoine Vacheron, Chief Executive Officer Payments, Groupe BPCE
Remco Jorna, CTO, FintechOS
Romain de Maud’Huy, Group Head of Insurance, Oney
Nima Karimi , CEO, Silvr

The global boom of buy now, pay later (BNPL) doesn’t seem to be slowing since its widespread take-up by consumers across the world during the pandemic. With consumer attitudes and spending habits evolving, BNPL is being used increasingly on everyday items such as clothing and groceries, rather than the more traditional larger ticket items seen in the past. Who are the trailblazers and what will the long-term look like? 

  • Accelerated adoption and innovation 
  • Expanded bench of BNPL players 
  • Risks on the horizon 

Moderator: Nicolas Ferreira, Assistant Chief Executive Officer, Finance Innovation
Nicolas Pelletier, CEO, Pledg
Mickael De Sa, Chief Digital Officer, Allianz Trade en France
Sophie Marot-Rémy, VP Partnership and Product Marketing, Fintecture
Jordane Giuly, Co-Founder, Defacto
Luis Miguel Escudeiro, Head of Loans Product, Skaleet

Digital only, mobile first and innovation at either end – modern society is setting the pace. The latest trend in digital disruption pushes towards an all-in-one solution: one universal app. Banks can stay competitive in this ever-evolving environment by taking advantage of this opportunity.

  • What to consider when developing your strategy and business model
  • Marketplace ecosystems for fintechs
  • Embedding services in existing super apps or developing your own?

Moderator: Lisa Moyle, Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer, VC Innovations
Fabrice Pomiers, Head of Business Development France, Insurely
Arbia Smiti, Founder & CEO, Rosaly

By joining forces, the possibilities to scale, innovate and drive change could become the easiest way to charge forward. Finding common ground, utilising individual strengths and aligning goals may mean that partnering with others could give you that next competitive edge, but at what cost?

  • Determining a partnership
  • Aligning on the benefits
  • Identifying possible spaces for error

Moderator: Lisa Moyle, Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer, VC Innovations
Jeff Parker, Managing Director International, Marqeta
Christian Rau, Senior Vice President Crypto & Fintech Enablement Europe, Mastercard

Cyber Insurance is more in-demand now than it ever was. Protecting consumers, reputation and the broader economy is crucial. Vantage Market Research’s recent report found that the global cyber insurance market will be worth $28.4 billion by 2028.
How to insure SMBs on the long term while cyber threat is growing and they have a low level of cybersecurity? How are fintechs delivering improved security?

  • The value of data insights
  • Resilience and risk management
  • Anticipate and prevent cyberattacks

Jules Veyrat, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Stoïk

By 2030 the world’s CO2 emissions need to be cut by half. French banks and policymakers are already seeing sustainable investment as an opportunity combined with responsibility. What solutions are available that can be scaled up in the short- and medium-term to accelerate the transformation towards a green(er) financial system? 

  • Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) Label 
  • Green bonds and eco-friendly funds 
  • Sustainable finance policy in France 

Moderator: Martin Sladecek, Director of Digital Strategic Studies, Société Générale
Andrea Ganovelli, Co-Founder, Green-Got
Maeva Courtois, Co-Founder and Chief Executive, Helios
Marc Braun, Country Manager, France and The Netherlands, Scalable Capital

Fintech companies are transforming the banking, insurance and asset management businesses by offering new financial products or digital solutions that enable financial industry players to optimise their business processes. This development, interconnected with other key themes, will likely continue to shape the success of wealth managers globally. But what is to come? 

  • Hyper personalisation 
  • Intergenerational wealth transfer 
  • Reducing the barriers of entry for new non-traditional players 

Moderator: Deborah Yang, Founder & CEO, Daizy
Emma Malha, Co-Founder, Beanstock
Thierry Vignal, President, Masteos
Antoine Ferahian, Head of Strategy & Operations, Moniwan

In the wake of a cryptocurrency market boom, the segment in France is projected to grow by 13.57% (2023-2027) resulting in a market volume of US$1267.00m in 2027. However, regulators across the globe are keen to regulate new digital currencies, financial products and exchanges. What will it take for crypto to enter the mainstream and how will the market manage the speed of change?

  • De-Fi powering use cases
  • NTFs tokenize everything
  • France’s pressure to tighten crypto-friendly regulations

Moderator: Faustine Fleuret, President, ADAN
François-Julien Alcaraz, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, CryptoSimple
Alexandre Roubaud, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Bitstack
Dominique Rodrigues, Chief Technology Officer, Paymium

Lisa Moyle, Co-Founder and Director of Strategy, VC Innovations

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