Somebody call my (AI) Agent

19th June 2024 | 12:00 pm (BST) | 13:00 pm (CET)

An interactive webinar

AI is progressing at a rapid clip. We are entering a phase where it is moving well beyond the chatbot era of hit and miss responses to customer questions and into one in which AI Agents will have a significant organisational impact.


Egor Kraev
Head of AI
Bogdan Grigorescu
Senior Technical Lead, Architecture and Quality Engineering
Lisa Moyle
Chief Strategy Officer
VC Innovations
Alberto Romero
Director - Gen AI Platform Engineering
T. Alexander Puutio
Author (AI for MBAs) and Professor
NYU Stern

Stay tuned for more speakers to be announced!

What’s this about:

An AI Agent which can act autonomously, supporting internal processes and helping humans to act more effectively will be the proverbial game-changer. Will AI Agents be increasingly relied upon to take action? Is allowing those agents the opportunity to act autonomously moving us towards a future where humans play a very different role?

Our panel of experts will look at how the landscape is set to change and more.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the implications of moving beyond providing answers (chatbots), to taking action (AI Agents)
  • Learn about some of the most exciting use cases being developed
  • Discuss the issues that should be top of mind for business leaders
  • Identify the business units most likely to be impacted in the near term

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