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When: 26 March 2020
Arriving: 8:15 am for 8:45 am -10:30 am (breakfast will be provided)
Where: Somerset House, London

Communication is crucial and grabbing customers attention is critical in a world of competing messages. The decision to open, read or delete an email lies with the customer. When customer communication ends up labelled as spam, a vital touch point or opportunity is lost.

Email remains a dominant channel for businesses to reach out to current and potential customers all whilst maintaining compliance with key International and European regulations and directives - think GDPR and MiFID II. Yet most businesses achieve a deliverability rate somewhere around 87%; meaning about 13% of their messages go to spam.

Deliverability is ultimately in the hands of customers. The choice to open, read, or simply delete an email determines whether messages end up in the inbox or spam folder. When you miss the inbox, you miss an opportunity and that has an impact on revenue.

To put some numbers on it, improving spam rates by just 1% could put over $1M in annual new revenue on the books.

Join us for a round-table discussion with Sam Holding, Head of International at SparkPost and learn first-hand from their experience of working with Financial Services organisations such as Goldman Sachs, Capital One, American Express and PayPal.

Learn how to address the challenges of email communication and marketing and deliver better engagement with customers. Key topics for discussion include:

• Optimising deliverability
• Improving the customer lifecycle
• Increasing revenue
• Lowering costs
• Ensuring regulatory compliance

Help ensure emails hit the inbox and learn from what promises to be a lively discussion with our expert speakers and your peers.

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