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30th March 2022, St Paul's, 200 Aldersgate, London (Live - 9AM BST)

Discover FTT Lending 3.0, the live event based in london.

For the next generation of lenders, loan providers, fintechs, credit and capital allocators who are powering the future of lending.

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2021 Attendees

Financial Institutions, government and technology companies


Cameron Orcutt
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Jason Oakley
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Recognise Bank
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John Saunders
Chief Commercial Officer
Monument Bank
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Julie Ashmore Dann
Chief Executive Officer
Rapid Cash, Natwest RBS
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Tom Green
Head of Commercial
Cleo AI
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Marita Cavalcanti
Chief Financial Officer
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Susie Aliker
Chief Executive Officer
Tandem Bank
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Rich Wagner
Chief Executive Officer
Cashplus Bank
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Michael Harriman
Chief Information & Technology Officer
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Vicki Harris
Chief Commercial Officer
Kensington Mortgages
Gilad G. Amir
Digital Operating Partner
Pollen Street Capital
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More to be announced

Key Themes

Explore the power of lending


Leveraging the payments rails, SMEs with a range of tailored, dynamic credit, loans and working capital schemes is creating a new class of commercial businesses that are given the support they need to thrive and grow.


Mortgages, student debt, credit ratings and finding your personal at the point of sale. How is lending responding to a society where old traditional notions of ‘worthiness’ now seem stale and outdated?


Open Banking/Finance, personalised services, as well as dealing with risk, compliance, and KYC & AML and combating fraud. Data underpins all, but is it keeping pace with the demands of Lending 3.0?


Loans, funding and credit offer much needed liquidity to businesses and personal accounts in the economic revival, post-covid. Is it possible to balance cheap access to credit and loans with financial prudence?  


New technologies have empowered lenders to diversify and create more suitable and accessible products for borrowers. Is Lending 3.0 bringing the disruption that fintech promised?  


Lenders need to act fast to hit regulatory and government climate targets and have an important role to play in supporting ESG goals. How can we revamp lending strategies to incentivise customers in the drive to net zero?  




Watch FinTech leaders from around the world debate and discuss how lending is evolving and powering businesses and lives in the 21st Century.



Exploring the technologies that are powering lending and the lives of 21st Century borrowers. Innovations such as Open Banking, AI, Embedded Lending, BNPL, Crypto Loans and Digital Platforms are giving lenders the power to offer more services to customers.


Future of lending stage

Historically, lending and payments have been treated separately, but APIs can empower better connections between the two in order to create better solutions for end users.  

Lenders need to act fast to hit regulatory and government climate targets and have an important role to play in supporting ESG goalsThis session explores the key ideas for revamping lending strategies to increase sustainabilityincentivising customers in the drive to net zero and the role that digital can play in building a more sustainable financial services industry 

  • Susie Aliker, CEO, Tandem Bank 

Challenger banks in the UK are seeing an opportunity to provide specialist lending services and focus on regional opportunities. Through acquiring banking licences and taking advantage of disruptive technologies, these banks are able to provide local services to improve financial inclusion, reduce regional inequalities and build economic resilience.

  • Michael Harriman, Chief Information and Technology Officer, AlbaCo Limited 

Lending regulations have recently been dominated by the nature and speed of recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and managing the impact of Brexit. The session will explore how the regulatory landscape has changed in areas such as regards to SME loans, identityfinancial crime, climate change and sustainable finance, loan monitoring, open banking and more.  

Minority groups experience a number of hurdles when seeking loans and are often less likely to get approval from many traditional financial institutions. The panel will explore how digital innovation and personalisation is crucial in the move towards inclusive lending services which include Islamic finance, LGBTQ+ loans and minority-owned business lending. 

We hear directly from SMEs on what they need from lenders as they come out of the pandemic. This panel gives us the end-user perspective and a clear picture of the transformation journey that businesses have been on, the challenges they have been facing and their outlook on the future. 

Traditional lending services often fail to meet consumer needs and consumers are often deterred by unfashionable marketing or fear of rejection. This panel explores how new innovations and data-driven solutions empower customers to manage their finances with more flexibility than ever before, through personalised rewards and repayment schemes to make everyday spending or life milestone purchases quicker and easier.  

  • Tom Green, Head of Commercial, Cleo 

Owning your own home is a significant milestone for many, but the home-buying experience can be testing. How can digital solutions streamline the process and create more suitable products for homebuyers in a post-covid world? The panel also explores key trends with the rise of green loans, first-time-buyers, buy to let and other specialist mortgages. 

  • Vicki Harris, Chief Commercial Officer, Kensington Mortgages 
  • Marita Cavalcanti, Chief Financial Officer, Proportunity 
  • Cameron Orcutt, Co-founder and CEO, Onladder 

As challenger banks enter the competitive lending space, alternative lenders get their banking licences to broaden their portfolio of services and others offer lending as a service through embedded finance, we explore diversification and some of the different routes that are being taken within financial services. Panellists offer their own perspectives and insights on what’s to come in the future.  

  • John Saunders, Chief Commercial Officer, Monument Bank 

Power of lending stage

Improved access to real-time data has transformed and accelerated lending decisions. APIs offer access to new financial data points, allowing those who have historically been excluded to be assessed for creditworthiness and awarded loans. The panel will explore all things open – regulations, access to third party data, personalisation and empowering consumers to better understand and manage their finances.  

  • Gilad Amir, Digital Operating Partner, Pollen Street Capital  

The leading player in the disruption of covid-era consumer lending, BNPL has performed an increasingly significant role in both retailer and consumer decisions. The panel will explore what direction BNPL will travel to next, as younger populations turn more and more to alternative lending options.  

What does SME lending look like post-covid and what are the key innovations in lending for business recovery? This panel explores how lenders are transforming their products to provide best-in-class SME lending capabilities and building digital lending platforms to support small-medium businesses in achieving their goals. 

  • Benjamin Dellal, Head of SME Lending, Metro Bank 
  • Jason Oakley, CEO, Recognise Bank 
  • Rich Wagner, CEO, Cashplus Bank 
  • Julie Ashmore, CEO, NatWest Rapid Cash 

In the first wave of fintech, start-ups unbundled banking services. Now, innovations within financial services are leading to new models of collaboration, empowering lenders to deliver better outcomes for their borrowers through the re-bundling of services through partnerships. This panel explores how players can collaborate, lending-as-a-service and embedded finance.  

The e-commerce boom has created millions of small businesses globally. Third parties can collect valuable data to predict creditworthiness, as well as collect credit at point of sale. The panel explores the future of e-commerce lending to SME’swith a focus on embedded lending services, BNPL, supply chain lending and more.  

Crypto lending platforms have gained huge momentum in recent years. The innovation and opportunities for borrowers and investors are undeniable but the relatively unregulated market and technical demands instil plenty of uncertainty. This session explores the benefits and risks associated with crypto-based lending as we hear from some of the lenders who are leading the way.  

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A Lender For The Purposes Of FTT Lending 3.0 Is Defined As A Business Or Financial Institution That Extends Credit To Companies And Individuals.


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