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At the launch of FinTECHTalents last year, 20 companies took to the stage to tell their stories, showcase their development and demonstrate their products. We called the stage FinTech Stories. This stage will be re-created this year for FinTECHTalents – Generation 2019 with some returning faces as well as some new and exciting FinTech offerings.
Anyone who has seen me on a panel about technology talent or innovation (or even seen me sitting in the audience when there’s a mic nearby) will know I have strong views on how and where the capital markets (and other areas of the financial services industry, I’m sure) are going wrong in trying to
The 2019 FinTECHTalents Steering Committee is ready to roll with a Bigger, Braver, Bolder, Tech-ier Festival experience. Many on our Steering Committee were with us from the start – when FinTECHTalents was just an idea to bring the full FinTech ecosystem under one roof. Many more have joined us on our journey to highlight financial

What is your Holiday Wish for 2019?

It’s that time of year again, when we all get asked to share our ‘predictions’. I always pause when I get asked, because I feel ‘predictions’ are different from ‘wishes’ or ‘actions’. There’s much I ‘predict’, which I don’t wish to come true. So instead of predictions – we at VC innovations – want to
FinTech Finance interviewed VC Innovations director of FinTech, Liz Lumley at this years FinTECHTalents about the missing element at FinTech conferences (the students) and how real work ecosystems are messy and chaotic, while that is something that many fail to get their heads around, that is how collaboration and partnerships happen. “If you are a
Christian Bacher, Co-Founder & CEO at Jaroona, talks to FinTech Finance at this year’s FinTECHTalents Festival about protecting systems that use the blockchain and how that security can enable more robust IoT applications. “First off we are looking for talent, we are looking for young people, programmers, interested people in the blockchain space to be
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Roger Vincent, chief innovation officer at Trade Ledger talks with FinTech Finance at FinTECHTalents this year about finding, nurturing and training new developers and programmers for their growing and expanding business.
FinTech Finance’s intrepid video team joined us at this year’s launch of FinTECHTalents to meet with the exhibiting companies and network with the delegates. This highlights video captures the essence of what the FinTECHTalents community is all about – quality, partnerships and a welcoming approach to talent. “Send us your computer science students – we
Mitesh Soni, Senior Director, Innovation and Fintech at Finastra talks with FinTech Finance at this year’s FinTECHTalents about how true innovation centres on the ability to collaborate and partnering with “uncommon partners” in order to create new experiences. “How do you accelerate innovation? At the end it is all about people,” says Soni.
Will Hackett, VP, business development at Pushfor talks with FinTech Finance at this year’s FinTECHTalents about how using ‘push’ technology allows businesses to save “thousands of hours” of time and money by  providing a simpler way to access sensitive information. In addition to networking and showing off Pushfor’s product offering, Will’s team also samplied ‘all

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