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Ammar Akhtar, Yobota’s Co-Founder & CEO Fast growing FinTech company Yobata seeks to offer a cloud-based operating platform that will drag financial institutions out of the 1970s. What is Yobota – what problem are you solving? Yobota is a rapidly growing FinTech company in London. We have built a fast and flexible cloud-based operating platform for financial
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SMEs, small to medium sized businesses, have historically had an uneasy relationship with the banking sector. Ranging from individual sole traders, to companies with hundreds of employees and millions of pounds in revenue – SMEs as a sector are populated with organisations that are fragmented and have very little in common. From corner shops in
I wandered around the exhibition hall of a FinTech conference, late last year. It doesn’t really matter which one – I have attended, covered, organised and spoken at so many of these events over the years – many of them combine into one generic spectacle. The speakers on the agenda include the head of digital
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When not relaxing with ice cold beer and chilling out summer dance tunes, the team at PayKey looks to build partnerships with banks to offer customers instant access to financial services. What is PayKey – what problem are you solving? PayKey enables banks and digital wallets to address one of the most significant challenges they currently face:
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Bringing accurate robo-advice to retail investors on worldwide securities is a breeze for 80s music fan Nicholas Roe and his team at SelfieWealth. What is SelfieWealth – what problem are you solving?  I wouldn’t say we are problem solving, as we are a unique offering.  What we offer is pure robo-advisory on worldwide securities across 47 markets
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While the UK banking community debates the competitiveness and viability of new FinTech entrants, challenger banks and innovative, customer-focused product offerings – real disruption to the industry may emerge from an established and long-standing group – Building Societies. While the FinTech revolution evolves and matures, the overarching aim is to deliver better outcomes to end
Speaking to HotTopics at FinTECHTalents 2018, Pol Navarro, CDO, TSB outlines his views on agile, collaboration and customer-focused teams. What does a productive culture look like? I think that for me when we think about culture it all starts with a customer. Especially thinking about how we can design products and services for customers in
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Do you trust who I am?

Powered by naturally sweetened cola and a passion for creating comfort for the end user, iProov aims to offer secure and simple solutions for online identity. In a world of manipulated photos and masks, deep fake video and replay attacks iProov is trying bring back a level of trust in the digital world. What is iProov –
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Now that we are deep in Spring conference season – I thought I would update my ever popular #PeopleYouSeeAtConferences list. Now way longer than 10 items. I shall add in a few ‘suggestions from my pals on Twitter and add a few more from my travels around the FinTech universe. The old fogey who remembers
“I’ve seen more startups do more demos on stage than most people should see in their lifetime,” says Liz Lumley, architect of the FinTECHTalents Festival to Christophe Langiois, CMO of The FinTech Power 50 in an interview at Barclays Rise this spring. However, that first contact, those first stirrings when you listen to a founder

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