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As a pioneer in Open Banking, OpenWrks is looking to support the 23 million people within the UK that have money worries who are traditionally, and wrongfully, under served. The focus on helping people keep track of how much they spend is made easier by the occasional rhubarb gin and tonic, while chilling out to
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RegTech’s moment has arrived

After Brian Clark witnessed the under-regulation, risk-taking and lax compliance practices that led to the 2008 global financial crisis, he founded Ascent. The RegTech company keeps businesses ahead of increasing regulation, helping them reduce regulatory and reputational risk. Today, the team is comprised of compliance officers, lawyers, data scientists and technologists who, in addition to
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We sat down with Charles Radclyffe, Head of AI at Fidelity International during the AITECHTalents Steering Committee ‘Donut & Danish’ breakfast meet up earlier this summer. He thinks Facebook’s Libre is ‘interesting’ and ponders *how* organisations like his can attract and retain a generation of talent to prioritise social impact and purpose over financial gain,
FinTech has been as much a response to changing public understandings of what a financial service can do for a client as it has anything. It was a new belief that traditional banks, advisors, investors just didn’t suit everyone’s needs. As engagement with the subject has risen, through budgeting apps, challenger banks and digitised investing,
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When not chilling out to Paul Simon while sipping a Dutch wheat beer with “hints of banana, citrus and spices” – the team at Owlin are focused on providing real-time, transparent and auditable risk insights to their clients. What is Owlin – what problem are you solving?  Real-time risk monitoring, prioritized reviews based on actual risk
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The new age of identity

Enterprise identity and compliance platform provider, Scanovate is providing a frictionless and user-friendly solution to the ever changing and constantly moving issue of individual identity. You’re Welcome 😊 What is Scanovate – what problem are you solving? There is a growing global need for businesses, governments and organizations to identify their end users digitally. As a result,
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Ammar Akhtar, Yobota’s Co-Founder & CEO Fast growing FinTech company Yobata seeks to offer a cloud-based operating platform that will drag financial institutions out of the 1970s. What is Yobota – what problem are you solving? Yobota is a rapidly growing FinTech company in London. We have built a fast and flexible cloud-based operating platform for financial
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SMEs, small to medium sized businesses, have historically had an uneasy relationship with the banking sector. Ranging from individual sole traders, to companies with hundreds of employees and millions of pounds in revenue – SMEs as a sector are populated with organisations that are fragmented and have very little in common. From corner shops in
I wandered around the exhibition hall of a FinTech conference, late last year. It doesn’t really matter which one – I have attended, covered, organised and spoken at so many of these events over the years – many of them combine into one generic spectacle. The speakers on the agenda include the head of digital
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When not relaxing with ice cold beer and chilling out summer dance tunes, the team at PayKey looks to build partnerships with banks to offer customers instant access to financial services. What is PayKey – what problem are you solving? PayKey enables banks and digital wallets to address one of the most significant challenges they currently face:
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