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Wouldn’t it be great to #AskaRockStar your most pressing questions? We think so as well. I mentioned last week that most people go to events to learn something and/or to network (and they rarely get both). While our community managers are busy working on the connections being scheduled for the FinTECHTalents – we thought we
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Over £20 billion of high net worth individuals’ investable wealth could be passed on to their loved ones every year, but as many as 80% of wealth managers don’t have an existing relationship with these beneficiaries. Digitisation is key to addressing this challenge. A new report from Nucoro, a B2B fintech providing wealth management as
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A thought provoking blog post from Gabriel Turner, Product Manager, iProov. Presentation Attack Detection or “PAD” is increasingly a hot topic within the biometrics industry. While this is definitely a step in the right direction, cyber-thieves are still diligently exploiting security gaps in identity proofing and strong customer authentication. Exclusive focus on presentation attacks alone
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Founded from the ashes of the 2008 global financial crisis, Meniga took inspiration from popular physical fitness and leading social media apps to offer solutions that help people lead healthier financial lives. What is Meniga – what problem are you solving? We are a diverse team of coders, developers and data scientists who provide banks with white
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Over the Summer season, we here at FinTECHTalents placed several members of our Steering Committee in the hot seat and asked them to comment on some of the major themes we will explore as part of the Festival in November. Find out whether our community feels technology, on its own, can inspire and determine if
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You may have noticed we are making noise here at FinTECHTalents (and AITECHTalents and RegTECHTalents) Towers. We’re shouting about our Steering Committee, our awesome speakers, our partners (who are busy gearing up to tell their stories at the Festival). Over 300 financial institutions hold Festival passes today – and that number is growing every day.
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Data and machine learning company, Mudano advises new startups in the space to ‘launch early and learn’. The customer feedback is well worth the pain of a few rough edges, and customers feel part of the product and companies can act on their experiences quickly and improve them. What is Mudano – what problem are you solving?
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Automating the verification process

Verifying who you are doing business with has become more challenging. 123signed was developed to fully automate the entire verification process of KYC via a simple single integration, accessing numerous global KYC databases. What is 123signed – what problem are you solving? 123signed is automating the very complex environment of corporate and consumer onboarding and
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There is a common misconception that software developers work in silos, however, collaboration is one of the most important characteristics for being a good developer. GitHub provides a platform and a community to connect the millions of people each year creating software and building innovative solutions. What is GitHub? GitHub is an open source developer
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September, when summer has started to give up its fight and the smell of a freshly sharpened pencil can send your mind back to 1985 and Mr. Brown’s Algebra class. Despite it being, technically, over half way through the year – the autumn freshness and Back to School vibe will always represent a fresh start
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