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Join Pluralsight and the FinTECHTalents community for the special breakout workshop at the Ultimate FinTech Festival! Where: Innovation Hub at Plexal (part of HereEast) When: 2:00 PM on October 31st (Day 2 of the Festival) Who: Denise Hudson Lawson, Advanced solutions architect, Pluralsight The ultimate challenge in today’s world is to find, hire, develop and
Franck Vialaron, partner and co-founder at Expand Research looks to offer an independent view of the FinTech landscape both from an incumbent and new entrant perspective. While today’s environment offers an easier environment to set up tech ventures – many incumbent banks are feeling budgetary pressures and talent challenges that can stifle innovation. Finance and

The 10 Commandments of an Influencer

I became an influencer partly through circumstance – I was a journalist – my by line and face are on thousands of news pieces, features, event agendas and videos. However, some of it is by design. I decided to make my opinions and viewpoints public. However, I have an overarching philosophy that I stick to
Country music and red wine fan, Antonio Virzì seeks to turn Android & iOS smartphones into secure and easy-to-use personal devices that can replace traditional smart-card and token-based digital identities allowing users to easily authenticate online, authorise transactions, sign legal documents, provide consent and more. What does biid do – what problem are you solving?

Talent for a transformative world

Tech talent that is agile and ready to change society are trained at Makers Academy as many industries are experiencing a huge gap in supply and demand for engineers who can work in an agile way. The organisation looks at welcoming over 1,500 technologists into the world, examines the reasons behind the loss of female

Powering the future of payments

While payments are often seen as a commoditised service – the reality in the back end is much more complex. Form3 talks us through providing payments as a service for financial institutions and regulated FinTechs. Payments processing isn’t a new sector – what sets Form3 apart? Form3 provides cloud-native, real-time payment technology to enable financial
The first time I was asked to speak in public it was to moderate a panel. If I remember correctly, it was for an event on risk management held in Frankfurt. I was deep in the risk world at that time – it was the era of Basel II and super-fast Monte Carlo simulations. ‘FinTech’

Regulation as a competitive advantage

Pr. Bertrand Munier explains how NERP can be used to support MiFID II’s impact in wealth management in this Q&A. NERP can work as a very effective coordinating device in wealth management organisations and can be a very important first step in the digital transformation of banking, according to Munier. Can you tell us a


A few years ago, at a popular ‘FinTech innovation demo show’ in London, a Russian payments company brought out the scantily clad ‘Miss Russia’ to demonstrate how the audience could use their payments app to purchase her clothing line on the internet. Many people – men and women – in the audience were shocked. My
With 89% of millennials, and 70% of UK consumers now using applications to manage their money, Yolt aims to become a trusted tool for UK customers of all ages to end multiple app juggling and gain a clear view of their money. What does Yolt do – what problem are you solving? Yolt is the

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