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What’s your GDPR status?

Robert J Baugh, Founder & CEO, Keepabl announce their new partnership with Alpha Reply. I’m delighted to introduce Keepabl and Alpha Reply’s partnership, which brings a simple, practical and intuitive way for Alpha Reply’s customers of any type and size to get compliant and stay compliant, with GDPR. GDPR matters because non-compliance puts your organisation
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I hung out with our FinTECHTalents partners, FinTech Finance at this year’s London Sibos event where I sat down with several people to chat about FinTech, innovation and conversation over the past 10 years and what we can expect from the future. Here I chat with the formidable Tony Fish, author, investor and entrepreneur. We
At the launch of FinTECHTalents in 2018 – Riskinnov introduced us to risk analysis, assessment and forecasting that helps you assess the risks you are and/or will be facing. Riskinnov returns for FinTECHTalents 2019. We caught up with the team to hear about ‘the story so far…’ What’s new? A new global challenge to wealth
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At the launch of FinTECHTalents in 2018 – YellowDog commanded the stage with their story on how to unleash unlimited computing power in order to harness available and underutilised computers in the cloud. YellowDog returns for FinTECHTalents 2019. We caught up with the team to hear about ‘the story so far…’ So, what’s new? Any
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The gang at FNA not only appreciate the complexity of mapping multifaceted relationships to better understand modern financial markets, they also take the time to appreciate Mancunian beer that showcases local artists. What is FNA – what problem are you solving? Since the financial crisis of 2007–2008, regulators and supervisors have recognised the interconnected nature
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We here at FinTECHTalents are curious to hear your thoughts on the emergence of communities and organizations being created for open source projects in the financial services industry. We are looking to gather the thoughts of those who work closely with banks, financial institutions and established FinTech companies, to identify the priorities and maturity levels of
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ING and CBA Pinpoint MiFID-II/MiFIR Obligations in 2.5 Minutes Using Ascent. Regulatory compliance programs cost financial firms billions of dollars annually. Much of this cost is a result of the exhaustive amount of time required to manually analyze regulations and determine how it impacts the firm — a laborious process that starts all over again
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Ceri Godwin, Director of Growth & Advisory, EmTech, Santander UK sat down with us after the FinTECHTalents Steering Committee ‘donuts & danish’ breakfast this summer. Here she talks about FinTech for good, ‘out of the box’ thinking and her dream ‘fireside chat’ guest. Watch the video now. What is FinTech for good? For me it’s
When not getting down with some house thumping Soul and Funk, the team at Aperture works to launch new businesses, bringing together strategy, product design, product building, branding and go-to-market plans to ensure our clients exceed in becoming digital leaders. What is Aperture? Aperture is a strategy consultancy that supports companies (focusing on financial services)

Easing the pain of GDPR

Keepabl offers an intuitive, customer-focused GDPR-as-a-Service solution. Their ‘product-led’ software regularly gets incredibly positive emotional responses when people see the solution. The two year old startup is often told by clients: ‘I can’t wait to use this’ – and this is about GDPR software! According to Robert Baugh, CEO, Keepabl: “When the product responds to
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