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I had a meeting last year with the PR person for a ‘well-known American payments company’. The founder was due to speak at Money 20/20 Europe. The PR woman was very nice and pleasant – but said something that made me think of a Twitter thread I wrote awhile back, while bored at an event
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The BanqBridge Team Enabling collaboration and partnerships between banks and new FinTech entrants is the way forward in this era of open banking according to Christoffer Andvig CEO & Co-founder of Olso-based BanqBridge. Christoffer talks about the benefits of running a global team, how entrepreneurship is a constant quest for change and how his preference
Berlin-based YUKKA Lab uses AI, machine learning and neural networks to analyse hundreds of thousands of pieces of data and news sources – giving financial professionals the tools for more strategic decision making. There are many ways financial data and news is delivered to clients – what sets YUKKA Lab apart? We make complicated and
Technology has had some bad press of late. Whether it be privacy invading algorithms on social networks or media-induced fear over the upcoming advances in robotics and AI– what tends to get lost is the way technology can inspire and fundamentally change business models, industry and society as a whole. Technology is but a tool
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When the nights draw in and the last of the summer gin is emptied, our thoughts drift from holidays and playtime, towards projects, work and planning for the future. Come September, most of us, in essence, are headed back to school. Whether your school is covered in ivy or simply the school of life –
Looking at the numbers, Ashleigh Ainsely, Co-founder of Colorintech, highlights the scale of the challenge facing the industry in ensuring a more diverse workforce at all levels. As he demonstrates, greater diversity is fundamental to the future success of financial services, both in terms of securing the talent pipeline and creating products and services that best serve all economic citizens. We look forward to hearing
Small businesses “simply want working capital. They want to know how much, how soon and what it will cost,” says Martin McCann, CEO and Co-Founder of Trade Ledger. As the Australian company establishes itself in Europe, Martin talks with FinTECHTalents about bringing the open banking revolution to corporate banking, overcoming the barriers of Excel spreadsheets
A well known person in the FinTech space once commented that if you couldn’t dine out on FinTech every night – you weren’t doing FinTech right. From bank elevators, to the free beer at co-working spaces – it would be hard not to bump into someone who works at a fund or an accelerator, grinding
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I was sitting having coffee with a well-known FinTech entrepreneur the other day who was looking at recruitment for her startup. She was talking pipeline. She wanted to hire a junior developer that would have room to grow into the role. What she didn’t want was to end up with a shortlist, where the team
TAKE THE SURVEY NOW! Whether you are a large, multinational universal bank or a growth startup looking to expand your team, recruitment can be a long and complicated process. How do you find the right talent, with the best mix of skills, culture fit, long term potential and impact? Many industries are competing against each
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