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Ageism in an ageing world

Not too long ago I sat in the audience and listened to a speaker from a very large financial institution describe the usage statistics (by age) of their banking app. He noted that take up of the app was very low above the age of 55. The conclusion being, he went on to say, that
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In our ongoing series, the FinTECHTalents FinTech of the Week is 123signed, which offers automated client onboarding and verification. Managing Director, Quent Rickerby, discusses customer onboarding, barriers to scaling and growth and the move towards a more profitable FinTech community at FinTECHTalents 2019. Watch the video now: What is holding back the banks from automated client onboarding
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We sat down with Louise Smith, HMT FinTech Envoy (and now Chief Digital Officer at the Lloyd’s insurance market) at FinTECHTalents 2019 to talk about how the industry can work to support new and current workers as the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning changes the financial services landscape. Watch the video now. What is
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We sat down with Aritra Chakravarty, CEO, Dozens at FinTECHTalents 2019 where he talks about the global cycle of money and his vision for the future of banking. Watch the video now. What does the future hold for Dozens? My vision of banking, which I think would be great for the world is, individual consumers
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Now in our third year the FinTECHTalents Festival has emerged as the most engaging, dynamic and creatively curated FinTech experience of the year. The Festival was started with the belief that you can have networking and lead generation opportunities within an event that is also informative, thought provoking and a whole lot of fun. 2020
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Davyde Wachell, CEO, Responsive AI, FinTECHTalents
In our ongoing series, the FinTECHTalents FinTech of the Week is Responsive AI, which offers the wealth management solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Davyde Wachell, CEO of Responsive AI discusses data, wealth management, creating better services for clients and advisers at FinTECHTalents 2019. Watch the video now: How does Responsive AI support
Theo Lau, Co-Founder, Unconventional Ventures, FinTECHTalents
We sat down with Theo Lau, co-founder of Unconventional Ventures at FinTECHTalents 2019, where she talks about longevity, the importance of culture and diversity and how everything is all about ‘Making banking better’. Watch the video now: What are the biggest trends you are hearing about at the moment? Biggest trends? Obviously, the one we
Marc Baumgartner, CEO, Pangea, FinTECHTalents

De-risking the scaling process

We sat down with Marc Baumgartner, CEO, Pangea,  at FinTECHTalents 2019, where he talks about how to use market intelligence and Pangea resources to grow, scale and break into new markets. Watch the video now: How does Pangea support the ‘Go to Market’ strategy for FinTechs? For us, there’s two things. There’s a strategy then
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We sat down with Dr. Kanishka Bhattacharya, Senior Director of Data Science & Analytics at Publicis Sapient, at FinTECHTalents 2019, where he spoke about data, ethics, privacy and the journey of data management for the next 10 to 15 years. Watch the video now: Is data the new oil? If you called it oil, it’s

KYC/AML for the ‘good guys’

RegTech startup Altergaia is looking to tackle fraud for small to medium-sized businesses. What is Altergaia – what problem are you solving?  Altergaia is a KYC/AML software company with a business focus that runs on  It stops you wasting time trying to on board customers outside your risk appetite while enhancing near real time customer experience
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