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Robotics, blockchain, and Japanese management culture have all fascinated Mitesh Soni, Senior Director, Innovation and Fintech at Finastra. Today we pick the mind of our newest FinTECHTalents Steering Committee member, as our community looks forward to creating a future that better serves stakeholders across the economy. He gives his views on planning a career, what
We speak to the team at unblu about how financial institutions can move away from the bulky silos of old infrastructures to seamless customer experiences Can you tell us about unblu and how you enable better engagement between financial institutions and their customers? unblu is a unique software solution that helps banks and financial institutions
We talk to YellowDog about how every size of company can harness the power of the cloud 1. Tell us a bit about YellowDog and how you are supporting innovation in Financial Services? YellowDog is building a world where people do more, create more, innovate more; unleashed from their limited computing power. We can do
We talk to Riskinnov, an applied research company providing risk-management advice, about some of the key technologies that they see as real game-changers in the risk management space. Tell us a bit about RiskInnov? How does what you are offering financial services firms (and others) differ in its approach / efficacy when it comes to
We caught up with Liesl Bebb-McKay, of the FOUNDeRY, RMB’s disruption & innovation unit about fintech developments happening across Africa and her views on a diverse workforce of the future 1. Can you tell us a bit about the FOUNDeRY and how it operates? You can read all about the FOUNDeRY here FOUNDeRY is
Many years ago (well four years ago) the braver Fintech-y conferences would invite speakers from the ‘innovation world’. Gurus and thought leaders and (my favourite job title of all time) futurists, who would venture onto the stage to give a talk or sit on a panel. These folks were meant to scare the dark suited

Why did I join?

About a year ago I had a thought. While I was fulfilling my emotional needs via my personal blog, Girl, Disrupted, which tends to explore my inner thoughts, outer failures and minor moments of brilliance 😉. But from a more practical point of view I needed to see what I could offer – what ‘products’
We recently caught up with Kate Bolton, the Founder of Comms for Good. Kate has a passion for building communities and weaving CSR into the fabric of teams rather than delegating the activity to a separate function. The act of doing good – investing and giving back to the communities in which we work –
One of the highlights of Money 2020 was from Dan Ariely, Professor of Psychology and Behavioural Economics at Duke University and Chief Behaviour Officer at Lemonade. After days of talking about tech driven product innovation, it was truly insightful to hear about how financial services can be re-imagined by an understanding of human behaviour. Trust
Despite having a substantial pool of resources to draw on, many of the big financial organisations have been slow to adapt to new technology. We speak to Matt Bunn, partner & co-founder of Capita Scaling Partner on how financial institutions can get ahead of the game by partnering with innovative fintech start-ups. ‘Fintech in the

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