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September 21st, 2022

Join us on September 21st, 2022 to become part of the community that is truly re-imagining financial services. 

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For an industry that has been subject to many waves of innovation and disruption in recent years, what does embedded finance mean for the future?
Is it the next stage in the evolution of an industry in which the underlying power structures have held firm?
Will this be the ‘moment’ that really shifts the dial for  incumbents, new entrants and players well outside of the usual suspects?

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Key themes

Finance without borders

What does it mean when banking services are accessed outside of financial institutions? How does meeting your customer impact the future relationship? Learn how banks and other financial providers retain customer loyalty in a world where they are not front and centre in the consumers mind. 

Ambition & scale

If every company is potentially a fintech, what is the scale of the opportunity? What is the value-add of offering a financial product on top of the other goods or services brands provide? Hear from enterprises that are embedding finance into their customer journeys and reaping the benefits.  

Technology & tools 

What are the key technologies and tools underpinning embedded finance? Is big tech ready to make a big play in the financial services sector? Explore the growing ecosystem of the partners and providers that are reimagining how financial services are put together. 

Payments, lending & beyond 

Payments may often be the starting point but embedded finance is being created with many different financial products in mind. Explore how it takes shape in different contexts and where the greatest potential is to be found.

Regulation and protection

Industry regulation and consumer protection are complex and continually evolving frameworks.  Understand how partners are working together to offer safe and compliant products and services.

Competition & collaboration

Does embedded finance bring a new era of competition to an industry that has seen many challenges to its legacy business models in recent years? Hear from the full community of providers and participants as they share their views on the new partnerships making embedded finance a reality.  


Jason will discuss what the emergence of embedded finance looks like for our unique community of technology innovators, financial services providers and non-financial businesses. From discovering Jason’s “pay it forward” journey to exploring how MCIs are driving embedded finance, this is a keynote that will help you refine your thinking and future strategy.

  • Jason Gardner, CEO, Marqeta
  • Simon Torrance, CEO, Embedded Finance & Super App Strategies – Executive Working Group Member, World Economic Forum (Moderator)

In this session, Simon will be reviewing the scale of the opportunity for embedded finance in the North American market, covering payments, lending, banking, insurance, wealth management and loyalty, as well as defining the practical benefits for “embedders”: Retailers, manufacturers, telcos, techcos, banks, insurers and governments.


  • Simon Torrance, CEO, Embedded Finance & Super App Strategies – Executive Working Group Member, World Economic Forum
In this panel discussion we will ask the big questions – What does it mean to embed finance outside of financial institutions? How can embedded banking boost product innovation? The competitive landscape: Who will be best positioned to win the consumer? 
  • Marcelo Dubiel, Senior Product Manager, SkipTheDishes
  • Zilvinas Bareisis, Head of Retail Banking, Celent – Oliver Wyman
  • Bradley Leimer, Co-founder, Unconventional Ventures (Moderator)

We will analyse the latest technologies behind the veil of banking: Cloud, open architecture, APIs and automation for BaaS. We will also explore how utilising API banking will enable a collaborative approach between FinTech and FIs, plus personalising product offering through big data.

  • Daniel David, Director of Product Management, Wells Fargo
  • Sohaib Zahid, CEO and Co-Founder, Railz.ai 
  • Jayson Callies, Executive Vice President – Chief Information and Innovation Officer, Seattle Bank
  • Ami Iceman-Haueter, AVP of Research and Digital Experience, MSU Federal Credit Union
  • Matthew Kelly, SVP Digital & Automation, Northern Trust Asset Management (Moderator)

In this panel discussion industry practitioners will discuss the best practices to provide seamless financial services. They will explore new revenue opportunities from embedded fintech and understand and adapt your business model to meet your customer’s needs and deliver value.

  • Melanie Hardin, Innovation Principal, Verizon 
  • Mary Wisniewski, Banking Editor and FinTech Features Reporter, Bankrate.com (Moderator)

To better prepare for the future, forward-leaning banks are capitalizing on their greatest asset — customer data — to better “know” their customers and deliver personalized experiences. As the biggest banks move rapidly to deliver personalized experience, 83% of super regional and regional banks are also using third-party vendor solutions. In order to deliver delightful experiences by combining third-party capabilities with analytics capabilities and models to distribute differentiated financial products at scale with greater efficiency. Join us as we discuss how forward-leaning banks are capitalizing on next-gen digital banking innovations to: Reach 86% of customers via self-service channels, achieve 54% growth in sales, deliver meaningful recommendations to customers in real time and rapidly create new financial products, while reducing cost.

  • Michael Haney, Head of Digital Core, Technisys
  • Lisa Moyle, Director of Strategy, VC Innovations (Moderator)

Regulators and industry practitioners will discuss how to achieve a sustainable future for embedded finance while joining forces with regulators to protect business and consumers and review global successful models for regulated embedded finance. This session will also highlight the potential impacts of the Dodd-Frank Act – Durbin amendment proposal.

  • Jeanette Quick, Head of Compliance & Public Policy, Gusto
  • Jason Wang, Chief Risk Officer, Synergy Credit Union
  • Julian Alcazar, Senior Payment Specialist, Federal Reserve Board
  • Steven Boms, Founder and President, Allon Advocacy LLC (Moderator)

This panel discussion will review the new value creation models within retailer propositions and how providers are powering new embedded models across the fintech spectrum. Panellists will discuss the best practices across the industry to integrate embedded finance into your operating business model, learning from the industry disruptors.

  • Daniel Eckert, Senior Advisor, Operating Partner, Corsair Capital
  • Kannan Srinivasan, Head of Digital Product Management, East West Bank
  • Jayson Humphrey, Senior Director Network Monetization, Tradeshift
  • Matthew Saal, Digital Financial Services, International Finance Corporation (Moderator)

More content coming soon.

  • Angus Ross, Global Head of Banking as a Service (BaaS) and Technology Alliances, Finastra
  • Christophe Langlois, Global Marketing Lead – Fintech & Developer Ecosystem, Finastra (Interviewer)

This session will discuss how the model of embedded finance is helping consumer’s wellbeing.

  • Theodora Lau, Founder, Unconventional Ventures

As we welcome new challengers and disruptors in financial services, what are financial institutions doing to preserve market share and acquire new customers? Is there room for a new business model that helps all players in the ecosystem win? Look forward to an exciting discussion on what the future holds for embedded finance and how partnerships drive new value for financial services.

  • Amy Young, Global Digital Advisor, Microsoft
  • Daniel Weckend, Head of Partnerships Capital & Financial Solutions, Shopify
  • Hassan Reda, Group Lead Product, nexus, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Kara Rieben, Strategy and M&A, Payment Services, Discover (Moderator)
  • Vidya Peters, Chief Marketing Officer, Marqeta
  • Lisa Moyle, Director of Strategy, VC Innovations

In this session, panellists will discuss approaches to integrate payments into a seamless commerce stream, how to strategically embed payments experience into your product and how to utilise CRM to enhance CX in embedded payments. This panel will also review the customer expectations’ behavioural shift from COVID-19.

  • Kothai Senthil, Vice President Head of Payments, Albertsons 
  • David Tax, Senior Manager, Payments Strategy & Innovation, TD Bank
  • Matteo Gamba, Product Lead Payments, Wayfair
  • Manash Bhattacharjee, Head of Product, eCommerce, PepsiCo
  • Glen Sarvady, Managing Principal, 154 Advisors (Moderator)

Industry practitioners will explore embedded lending as a customer-centric, inclusive lending practice. This session will also highlight BNPL lending models that are disrupting the industry, and examine how data analytics can be employed to assess credit risk and fasten your loan approval process.

  • Julapa Jagtiani, Senior Economic Advisor and Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
  • Shishir Singhania, Chief Lending Officer, Varo Bank
  • Dion Lisle, Managing Partner, Forty Grand (Moderator)

This discussion will explore by what means leveraging data can enhance personalized CX and boost your customer retention  along with how insurers can transform by adopting SaaS business models to Insurance as a Service. Industry practitioners will assess the best solutions for modernizing legacy systems in insurance, as well as how the best practices in embedded insurance are shaping the industry.

  • Bruce Buttles, Director Digital Channels, Humana
  • Matthieu Soule, Head of BNP Paribas C. Lab, Americas
  • Andrew Rear, Chairman, Buckle
  • Andrew Jernigan, CEO, Insured Nomads
  • Elisabeth Laett, Managing Partner, The Holt Xchange (Moderator)

More content coming soon.

  • Omar Pernas López-Sarry, Head of Banking as a Service, Banco Sabadell, Mexico

In this panel discussion led by Marqeta’s Chief Product Officer, Kevin Doerr, we will discuss how crypto innovators are making digital currencies more accessible for the everyday consumer, how embedded finance has played a part, and how modern card issuing technology is helping companies achieve their crypto goals.

  • Will Reeves, CEO and Co-Founder, Fold
  • Kevin Doerr, Chief Product Officer, Marqeta (Moderator)

This panel will examine the rise of API-based brokerages. Industry practitioners will debate strategies to improve customer retention and engagement through embedded investment, as well as the most successful products in the area. Panellists will inspect disruptive tools to achieve a frictionless account opening, funding, trading and portfolio management.

  • Adam Green, CEO and Co-Founder, YieldX
  • Julie Coin, President, DriveWealth
  • Peter Fishman, Fintech Consultant and Board Member, Quatromoney (Moderator)

In this session, Ashish will be sharing new trends and insights that emerged during the pandemic, how to utilize social media for financial services products & services, and what’s next for the creator economy.

  • Ashish Arya, Global Head of Vertical Strategy and Marketing, Pinterest
  • Kevin Dinino, President, KCD PR (Moderator)

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Taking financial services everywhere

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The Customizable bank: Accelerate growth & elevate experience 

Thinking global: Embedding regulation & compliance 

From bank to banking as a service provider (BaaS)

Creating new value models 

Tooling up for the future of embedded finance 

Just in time lending 

Synced insurance 

Embedded finance: Next Gen unbundling

Crypto and cards: Embedding digital currencies and payments 

The next step for embedded finance: Wealth management

Embedded financial inclusion

The creator economy

Partners & Providers: A glimpse into the future of finance 

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